You Know What The Fabrics Are For A Custom T-shirt

- May 10, 2019-

 What is gram weight?

    Grams are generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric, the greater the grams, the thicker the clothes.T-shirt weight is generally between 160 grams and 220 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will sultry, generally choose between 180-200 grams weight is better.

What is count?

    Counts are defined as the number of yards in length of a pound of cotton yarn.The higher the number, the softer the T-shirt, usually 21 and 32.

    Coarse count yarns: pure cotton yarns of 18 or less, mainly used for weaving thick or terry cotton fabrics.

Medium count: pure cotton yarn of 19-29 counts.Mainly used for general requirements of knitted clothing.

    Fine count: 30-60 count cotton yarn.Mainly used for high-grade cotton knitwear.

What are the materials of t-shirts?

    Enterprise custom-made shirt or advertisement shirt has fabrics to basically divide commonly: pure cotton, complete polyester, CVC, TV, 4 kinds.

    Cotton T - shirt comfortable to wear, skin - friendly, comfortable feel.Easy to wrinkle, too thin through the meat, you are too thick easily stuffy.

    Full polyester is 100% polyester, many famous brands sportswear will choose this fabric for sportswear.

"TC" fabric, also known as "TC" fabric, refers to the composition of polyester accounted for more than 60%, cotton composition of less than 40%.Anti - wrinkle but easy pilling

    "Cotton-polyester" fabric is also known as "CVC" fabric, and polyester cotton is just the opposite, it refers to the composition of cotton in more than 60%, polyester in less than 40%.

Which can be divided into pure cotton comb, combed yarn.

    Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, also known as uncombed yarn.

    Combing yarn: yarn produced by adding a combing process to the general combing yarn when spun from fine cotton fiber.The surface of the fabric is clean and feels soft.

    Read above these pure cotton small knowledge, I believe you must have some understanding of pure cotton T-shirt.There is no two unique clothes, marked customized process, the production of experienced factories, can be the first time to meet your needs for the enterprise T-shirt clothing customization, you only need to provide your logo or pattern, we can make a design for you.Logo printing embroidery services, a variety of printing and embroidery technology for your choice.