Women's Sexy Pajama Complex

- Jul 24, 2019-

     I have asked several young female friends: would you buy sexy pajamas to wear?Most said no, opting for t-shirts and shorts instead of pajamas, or buying a complete set of pajamas.Perhaps this attitude points to the fact that the market for sexy pyjamas is far less dynamic and diverse than that for underwear, but in the eyes of some professionals, sexy pyjamas are still a virgin territory to exploit.Because the pajama market is only a small percentage of the underwear market.

     Why is it that women value inner beauty so much less than sexy pajamas?Who's gonna wear that beautiful nightgown?Publicist Lin cheng said, after going home to take a shower, literally change a T-shirt to sleep.This is true of many working women.The vision of people around, make sexy sleep dress has the space of display hard.Miss yu is used to wearing suspenders and pajama trousers.Living with several friends (men among them), I felt a lack of privacy.Huang shufeng, a planner, said that with children at home, it is not appropriate to dress too sexy.

     However, some women are particular about their pajamas.Mo yanhuan, a housewife, loves loose halter dresses and doesn't mind her five - and two-year-old sons."I'm very concerned about how my pajamas feel and I spend my time buying sexy pajamas," she says.

     According to one survey, the proportion of casual clothes in a woman's wardrobe is as high as 65%.Interestingly, 50 per cent of respondents said they had sexy clothes in their wardrobe, but younger women favoured low-rise trousers, while mature women over 30 favoured sexy pyjamas and hollow-out underwear.Some fashionable women like to buy complete sets of underwear and nightwear, in order to easily match.To those women that can buy sexy pyjamas specially, it seems that the market choice is not much, in each bazaar, exclusive shop pyjamas always is crowded in a corner of underwear area, and sexy pyjamas is few and far between, make a lot of women choose very limited.

     General high-grade sexy pyjamas is given priority to with importing goods more, basically be France and Italy, quality of a material is delicate, design is sexy, but the price is expensive.And in the sexy pyjamas of low grade exists the problem such as material coarse, charge for the making of STH.According to the industry, the latest trend in pajamas is skin-tight, wrinkle-free, and washable.The material of pajamas is no longer limited to silk or cotton, but more lace, polyamide, gauze, spandex or other materials are used in pajamas.The cloth also tends to be light and thin, stick skin, not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean.Style is sexy as a selling point, translucent for the best.Also from the female doll design to "feminine" curve exquisite, the length is not long not short.