Winter Is Here, What Thermal Underwear Is The Warmest?

- Jan 27, 2021-

Winter is here, what thermal underwear is the warmest?

In fact, all textile materials, whether they use wool, acrylic or other cotton, have their own heat transfer capacity, no matter how strong or weak it is, it is only in a small range, which is very important for heat preservation. Compared with the structure, its contribution is very small. Therefore, it is wrong to judge the warmth retention of thermal underwear based on the materials used. The speciality of thermal underwear lies in its structure. The real thermal underwear is sandwiched or brushed inside. Its principle is the same as that of down jackets-the more air, the stronger the heat storage capacity. Therefore, the key factors for whether the thermal underwear keeps warm are mainly the weave and structure of the clothing, such as its fluffiness and thickness, not what materials are used. Among all the materials, the thermal resistance of air is the largest. Therefore, as far as the thermal underwear on the market is concerned, the thicker and fluffy, the more warm it will be. Thermal underwear with a brushed inner layer is the warmest, because it is the thickest and contains the most non-flowing air; a thin layer of tightly woven so-called "thermal underwear" has similar effects to a thin spring and autumn clothing. Buy more than 200 famous brands to try, you will realize the moment you put it on, you don't expect it to keep warm, hehe~ In a word: the brushed thermal underwear is the warmest. Brushing is generally made of polyester fiber. The brushing process affects the comfort and quality of thermal underwear. The brushing of high-quality thermal underwear is soft and firm, will not shed hair, discolor, or generate static electricity. The surface material of thermal underwear should be natural fiber-cotton (preferably combed cotton), which is better than chemical synthetic fiber in moisture absorption and perspiration and comfort performance, and the price is high.