Where Is The Road Of Textile Industry Under The New Background?

- Aug 19, 2019-

Branding increases new market value

    China's textile and apparel market has an inseparable natural connection with thousands of small, medium and micro enterprises in industrial clusters. These small, medium and micro enterprises are the foundation of cultivating local independent brands.Therefore, it is necessary for the textile and apparel professional market to shoulder the responsibility of brand incubation and continuously input excellent independent brands with room for growth.Brand development is not only the needs of the industry development, but also the needs of the professional market itself.The coordinated development of regional brands, market brands, product brands and urban brands is more suitable for the needs of industrial progress, consumption upgrading and professional development.

    Taking China apparel growth brand selection conducted by China textile association circulation branch since 2010 as an example, 35 brand incubation bases and 627 China apparel growth brands have been selected so far, and they have played an active role in promoting the development of product branding.

Under the principle of intensive development, textile professional market adhere to the brand development path, the foster of product brand at the same time, more important is to establish a regional brand, market brand, product brand of the trinity system of brand development, and actively into the urban brand construction, this is not only the need to maximize play to the brand effect and value, and fully meet the needs of the broad masses of the people a better life.

Green construction of a new market ecology

    Saving resources and protecting the environment are our basic state policies.From the perspective of textile and apparel market, in recent years, China's urban structure adjustment and function upgrading have put forward higher requirements for the textile and apparel market. Green development is an objective demand under the new normal and an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the professional market.

    Has been written in the circulation of China textile industry association branch of green textile professional market evaluation standard "proposed that professional market including greening development planning and site selection, construction design, equipment, facilities, environmental management, fire safety, resources, energy management, store management and service and 8 indexes, greening development provides a blueprint for professional market.

    Guangzhou cotton tree international fashion city is the first commercial enterprise in guangzhou to pass the inspection and acceptance of clean production in guangzhou. Both guangzhou white horse clothing market and guangzhou cotton tree international fashion city have passed the IS014000 environmental management system certification, becoming the pioneer of green development of professional market.

    In addition, in recent years, the national textile and apparel professional market are increasing self-discipline, has carried out a lot of work, including to 7 consumers return system, to set up the protection of intellectual property rights system, establishing the dishonest merchants "blacklist" system and punishment mechanism and a series of measures, in the professional market development level, shaping professional market has played an important role in image quality, development of greening increasingly becomes the key competitive advantage in the professional market.

Internationalization seeks new market space

    In the context of global economic integration and international textile and garment industry transfer pattern, the professional market constantly strengthens international exchanges and cooperation through "introducing and going out", including expanding overseas channels, building domestic and foreign trade development platform, introducing foreign advanced management concepts, brands and talents.

    In terms of seeking international development space, zhejiang yiwu commodity city has built an international supply network and sales channel of "buy the world, sell the world" by virtue of its strong regional advantages and resource integration ability.Guangzhou cotton international fashion city carries out in-depth cooperation with China and Italy, China and South Korea in the fashion industry, and jointly innovates and launches an international HIVE-SHOWROOM model. By introducing overseas excellent brand resources and designers, it improves the sensitivity of local brands to the trend and cutting-edge design.Haicheng xiliu garment market has actively participated in the trial of national market purchase and trade, carried out the "silk road · xiliu post" activities, and set up the "One Belt And One Road" outbound haicheng sub-station of the trans-eurasian continental bridge railway on the eastern line, so as to broaden the sales channels for merchants and facilitate the development of international trade.

In the future, the international development of the professional textile and apparel market will continue to focus on the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route, and build overseas marketing, after-sales service and warehousing and logistics network through new construction, merger and acquisition, equity participation and cooperation, so as to promote the extension of domestic circulation channels to overseas.We will actively build cross-border e-commerce demonstration zones, focus on cultivating a number of professional markets combining domestic and foreign trade, and integrating business models with international standards, and realize integrated services such as exhibition, trading, logistics, warehousing and customs clearance.Therefore, international development is the only way for professional market to achieve brand, intelligent and professional development.

    Is not hard to find, intensive, specialization, branding, greening, wisdom, "six" internationalization, connected to each other, and form a system, is not only address the imbalance in the development of a new era of professional market and inadequate, fully meet the needs of the people's good life the inevitable requirement, but also will be improve the quality and efficiency, enhance the transformation and upgrading of professional market systemic and collaborative development of the important goals and direction.