What Is The Material Of Underwear

- Aug 15, 2019-

    Underwear refers to close-fitting clothing, including vest, undershirt, shorts, bra, etc.Underwear refers to the clothes worn in other clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin. It is one of the indispensable clothes of modern people.Underwear material can be divided into three categories, silk, cotton and artificial chemical fiber.

Underwear material can be divided into three types:

    Silk feels and materials are excellent, without static electricity, at the same time, it absorbs sweat and breathes air.The only problem is that it is not easy to clean and must be gently rubbed or dry-cleaned by hand.

    Cotton absorbs sweat, breathes air and keeps warm, making it comfortable to wear.The addition of chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjusting underwear, has a supportive effect and is not stuffy.

Chemical fiber makes the material of close-fitting clothes, besides the natural material such as silk qualitative, cotton, hemp material, also can use artificial chemical fiber, not inferior at other qualitative material absolutely.

    There are several choices from the perspective of clothing materials:

A. cotton: breathable, easy to dye and print, so most girly-girl underwear is made of this material to create youthful atmosphere.

B. Polyester: polyester microfiber successfully developed in recent years, with good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing, has been widely used in underwear.

C. nylon: this synthetic fiber is strong and does not deform easily. Most of the girdle straps are made from it.Nylon is now being added to many types of undergarments.

D. spandex: this flexible synthetic fiber is often used as a chest buckle for easy movement.Now spandex is also used in underwear lace, ultra-thin bust and seamless underwear.

E, lycra: at the beginning, dupont company developed lycra is used to replace the rubber on tight underwear, its characteristics are elastic, comfortable to wear and have supporting force, now commonly used in underwear, pants, socks, can make underwear more close-fitting, not easy to deformation, tights are not easy to appear wrinkles.LYCRASOFT is twice as elastic as ordinary elastic fibers and is now being used in corsets.

F. Silk: nowadays, underwear is made of silk more widely, with the addition of French lace or Swiss embroidery.

G, TACTEL: light and shiny TACTEL mixed with lycra is commonly used in jumpsuits and underpants.A new fiber called NYLSTAR is also used in tights to keep legs warmer.