What Harm Does Darling Not Wear Underwear To Have?

- May 21, 2019-

Harm private health

    Baby naked ass crawling around, genital exposure, easy to touch or scratch.In addition easy to infect bacteria or viruses, cause urinary tract infection or cystitis and other diseases.

Not good for potty training

    Naked buttocks easy to make the baby to develop the habit of defecating anywhere, and put on small underwear to make the baby can let the baby feel uncomfortable after wet urine.Thus helps the baby to carry on the toilet exercise, can let the baby independent defecate.

Source: British knickers

Breeding of genital teasing

   The baby does not wear small underwear, genital is exposed outside, the baby likes to touch his body when be bored, if touch genital all the time, wallow in in this kind of gout, can make genital infection bacterium.If put on small underwear, avoid infection bacterium, also avoided nurtures bad habit.

Cause abdominal pain or a cold

    The child below 3 years old each viscera development is not perfect, put on small underwear to be helpful for protecting abdomen from catching cold, thereby causing abdominal pain or catching cold.

Eyeballing children's undergarments

    In addition to underwear, swimsuits, pajamas and other categories of children's underwear is also very necessary.With the improvement of living standards and the increasing proportion of post-80s and post-90s mothers, their pursuit of fashion becomes more and more, and their children are gradually becoming accessories for parents.The stand or fall of children underwear sometimes also showed the grade of the parent.