What Are The Safety Standards For Small Underwear?

- Jun 13, 2019-

    According to the full set of classification requirements of clothing safety test standard gb18401-2010, all products for infants and toddlers aged 24 months or under 80cm in height should be class-a, including underwear, outerwear, supplies and so on.

    Because manufacturers often use formaldehyde as a preservative and thickener to make clothes look better.The harm of formaldehyde everybody knows, the skin and respiratory tract are very puerilious little baby, if the dress that wears formaldehyde to exceed bid, the article that exceeds bid with formaldehyde, can cause all sorts of diseases such as chronic respiratory tract disease, conjunctivitis, pharyngitis.Class A clothes have the lowest formaldehyde content and are the safest.

    In fact, we may not be able to buy everything as class A.It's especially hard to make sure everything meets category A standards, especially when your child is older.

    But at the very least, when it comes to undergarments, pajamas, and panties, I strongly recommend looking at category A.The kind of small underwear with a variety of patterns, be extra careful.Because with the design, the soft comfort has been reduced, plus the printing and dyeing process to use some chemicals, more need to be a good quality of safety.

    Over the age of three, in the case of no more options, or children like a certain pattern of small underwear, at least choose B.The ground stands or the kind of small underpants that informal net store does not know source, still forget, do not let the child bear potential harm to the graph save money!