What Are Knickers? Draw Silk Men's 3D Pocket Bag Underwear How About?

- Apr 24, 2019-

The traditional men's underwear supports the male private parts according to the stretching characteristics of the fabric elasticity. The design concept itself does not conform to the male body structure, which causes a certain squeeze on the private parts.And U protruding bursa bag underwear, it is to use the design that accords with human body to learn, add stereo space in crotch, make underwear has stereo narrow archives, breathe freely, relaxed do not add the advantage such as archives.

The draw-silk u-convex men's underwear, three-dimensional cutting 3D space design, can show the natural tall and straight effect, highlight the male masculine characteristics, really plastic and not bound;Set fashion, sunshine, charm in a lot of good.


Draw silk men's knickers suitable for what occasion to wear?

1, sports: U convex men's underwear scrotal fully stretch, crotch pouch can be tightly wrapped in scrotum have the effect of retainer and protection, modal fabrics can maximize platoon is wet, reduce the temperature quickly, keep the movement process of scrotal testes of low temperature and dry, avoid the local like a small bamboo steamer, temperature results in a sperm deformity, necrosis and other problems in the scrotum.

2, leisure: scrotum to provide a comfortable activity space, suitable for the often sitting office and driving men, especially in the hot summer, U type underwear can quickly cooling dehumidification, bring cool and dry comfortable feeling.

3. Health care: designed for men with varicocele, scrotal eczema and other daily physical therapy, it can lift the scrotum to a higher position to avoid friction with the thigh root, relieve sweat, breathe freely, cool and dry at low temperature, effectively alleviate the disease and play the role of adjuvant treatment.

Applicable people

Men who exercise a lot

Men with damp scrotum

3. Men who need sexual health care

A white-collar man who sits in an office for a long time

Men who are fat and sweaty

Men who need to improve sperm motility

7. Men who often ride bicycles, exercise and outdoor activities