Washing And Maintenance Of Body Shaping Underwear

- Dec 24, 2020-

Washing and maintenance of body shaping underwear


        The invention of body shaping underwear is a technological product developed by bringing together the principles of medicine, fatology, ergonomics and professional underwear design. Because it has undergone precise calculation and design, it can maintain and adjust the body, concentrate and fix the fat, and correct the spinal cord and correct the posture. The difference between it and ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear only faithfully wears your original body. Body-sculpting underwear can be modified and created for people with unsatisfactory figures, and enables people with ideal figures to continue to maintain a beautiful figure.

        Body-sculpting underwear does not need to be changed and washed every day. Except for the underwear worn next to the body, it is best to wash it once every 2-5 days. Too frequent washing will damage the clothing, but do not leave it unwashed for a long time. Long-term unwashing will cause the fibers of the clothes to elongate and become loose. The elasticity can be restored after washing.

Washing and maintenance of body shaping underwear and body underwear

For washing, do not use a washing machine, dehydrator, or dryer, otherwise the underwear will be deformed and the functional materials will be easily destroyed. You should gently rub and wash with your hands patiently. Keep the water temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius and wash with neutral detergent. Because machine washing will destroy the fiber integrity of the clothes, be sure to gently scrub with your hands, and finally rinse the detergent with clean water.

The best way to dry is to dry in the shade, which can be placed indoors or under the eaves. It is best to use a towel to absorb moisture before drying.

 Drying Use a dry towel to fully absorb the moisture, do not twist it hard, smooth it and hang it, dry it in the shade in a ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and avoid ironing.

 When placing it, gently fold it and place it on the upper layer of clothing or separately. Do not place it on the bottom layer of the stack of clothing or the bottom layer of the stack of clothing to avoid deformation after being squeezed by the weight. Replacement When the underwear fabric is found to be loose, it should be replaced with a new underwear, and two or more sets should be worn alternately to extend its service life.