Types Of Men's Underwear

- Jun 18, 2019-

1, Y - Front

In the early 1930

This kind of underwear, also known as briefs, was born in the 1900s, and is characterized by an inverted y-shaped line at the front.This kind of underwear is characterized by comfortable fitting.

A lot of sport pants are with small briefs for basic modelling.The underwear designers of David Archy, who believe that the friction between the scrotum and the inner thighs is obvious during exercise, emphasize the assumption of the pouch.A tighter pair of underpants is better for the protection of people in sports.In recent years, pouch underwear has become one of the representatives of sports underwear, like kingstyle sports pouch underwear from Taiwan, three-dimensional scrotum support design, completely hold the scrotum, let the scrotum prominent underwear outside, avoid scrotum and thigh inner side friction, scrotum and penis separate isolation place, ventilation and permeability is also good.

2, Boxer,

Chinese translation for boxers.Both classic and practical, men's underwear history on a British civilian style representative.It's the loosest kind of men's underwear, but buy it in a slim-fitting style.If a pair of panties has too much fabric, it will inevitably wrinkle and bulge under your pants, making them look bloated.Many foreign politicians and a few tycoons wear boxer shorts, feeling they don't have to advertise their appearance or presence.However, with the development of the trend, another extreme customer group has emerged. For example, hip-hop boys and skateboarders all like to buy boxer shorts, which are used to match the baggy jeans with the waist dropping down to the hip.

3. Tight boxer shorts

    It originated in the 1990s and is a cross between the briefs and boxer shorts.The design of tight boxers clingy ham and carry buttock lets the figure appear very strong and handsome.Suit pants suits suit pants, can maintain the buttock line after outer pants fluent, can make the man that wears thin material outer pants especially, do not remove underwear to clip concave buttock to show awkward again.Has been pursued by business elites and white-collar class, both comfortable and stable.Many famous brands, such as Calvin Klein (CK), Armani, Boss, D&G, Aussiebum, and the new underwear brand Davidarchy, have worked hard in the design of skinny boxer shorts.

4. High-fork panties

    The high fork is an innovative design of briefs, favored by many men with thick legs, because it reduces thigh restraints.Especially on a hot summer day, high-breasted panties are cooler and more comfortable to wear.Davidarchy's provocative series incorporated the concept of bikini in its high - slit design, making it the best choice of summer underwear.At the same time, high fork underwear will greatly enhance the sexy degree, add more fun.

5.G - String

    Known as the thong, the t-back, it's the sexiest kind of underwear in shape.The t-back is one of the wardrobe essentials for many in the fashion industry, because it's the best way to pair it with tights.In addition, many men who like to sunbathe on the beach also like to choose this kind of underwear.