To Choose Underwear For The Baby, Pure Cotton A Class Is Enough? It's Not That Simple

- Jun 12, 2019-

How old does the baby start to wear underwear?

    There is no specific "age range" as the standard answer, but it is best to follow the progress of your child's potty training.

    When to start potty training is one of the most common questions mothers ask, and my rule is that it's your baby's own body signals that determine whether to start potty training.

Your baby is truly ready if he or she shows the following signs:

Can understand the requirements of adults, and can express their feelings in simple words;

Peed in the diaper or pulled, can express discomfort with words or actions;

Willing to sit on the toilet, even just play;

The interval between wet diapers should be longer, at least 3 hours (indicating proper control of the sphincter);

Like to study their own body organs.

When the baby shows these signs at the same time, we can begin to prepare for potty training, and at the same time, we can consider wearing small underwear for the baby.Tell him in this way that he has entered a new stage.

Is it necessary to wear training pants?

During potty training, pee training may take longer than potty training, as the amount of pee will be far more than potty training.Therefore, it is recommended to train during the day and continue to wear diapers at night.

It's a good idea to have some handy training pants to help you control your urination during the day.

What are training pants?It is a transitional device between lesbian pants and small underwear.

On the one hand, it is like adding super absorbent pad and outer waterproof underwear, a small amount of urine will not dirty other clothes.

On the other hand, it doesn't have the super absorbency of a diaper or zipper, and you have to change it once.

The purpose of this design is to let the child feel uncomfortable after wet urine, and gradually learn to express the intention of urine in advance.

When the baby will express the damp feeling and discomfort on the training pants, we can tell him that next time the belly is crowded and swollen, and he wants to pee, he can tell his mother in advance, and his mother will take you to the toilet.

Generally, after the age of 2, the baby can learn to express after a week or so of training.

Of course, training pants are not a necessity. I have many friends who don't use them.Others wear diapers until the child can express himself.

So, whether or not to use training pants, according to their own baby's specific circumstances.