Thermal Underwear Classification

- Feb 25, 2021-

Thermal underwear classification

The first category: cotton underwear. The most traditional single-layer underwear is light and breathable, but because of its thin texture, it is more suitable for spring and autumn.

The second category: fibrous thermal underwear. Cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and other fabrics are mostly used, and the interlayer is filled with cotton, wool, camel hair and other flakes. The advantage is that it has better ventilation and moisture conductivity; the disadvantage is that it looks bloated and heavy.

The third category: Space cotton thermal underwear. Its fabric is made of cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc. The inner interlayer flakes are plated with a metal film. Its advantage is that it is relatively warm and anti-radiation; its disadvantage is that it has poor air permeability and moisture conductivity, and there is a humming sound when wearing.

The fourth category: thermal underwear with ICCP material in the interlayer. It uses cotton, wool, silk, Lycra and other fabrics, and the ICCP material in the interlayer has also developed from being non-porous at the beginning to being porous to a mesh film. The fixation between the fabric and the interlayer is also combined with a special process from bonding with glue.

The fifth category: comfortable and health-care thermal underwear. Such products claim to contain far-infrared fibers and more than 20 kinds of trace elements. Far-infrared rays can convert energy in the body and regulate the body’s immunity.

The sixth category: silk thermal underwear. Traditional silk thermal underwear (commonly known as silk woolen jacket) is filled with silk, which is green and healthy, light and soft, smooth and warm. In addition, it has strong constant temperature, air permeability, and moisture permeability, so it is warm, light and comfortable to wear, and the silk cotton jacket can prevent mites, antibacterial, and mildew. The silk thermal underwear made by the new technology improves the traditional technology and adds six major advantages: beautiful appearance, multiple styles, washable, no renovation, and more warmth.