There Are Many Materials For Home Wear. Which One Do You Choose?

- Jul 15, 2019-

    Modern home service is mainly made of modern people's pursuit of life, the most important of which is comfortable and beautiful.Because the pajama before has been eliminated, and the home that now serves already became a kind of vogue, and the kind that the home serves also is qualitative because of different material, be divided into different kind, in order to offer different crowd choice.

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    Cotton home wear is very common, sweat absorption function is strong, relatively soft, and in the price is very advantageous, is the most cost-effective pajamas.Unfortunately, cotton pajamas appear thick in summer, not cool enough, easy to shrink, deformation, appearance may not be fashionable enough.

Modell is made of wood pulp made from European shrub by special spinning process, and its components are often found in intimate clothing such as home wear.Modell fiber is soft, bright and bright in color. The fabric feels especially smooth and bright. The cloth surface is bright and shiny.But skin - friendly sex is not as pure cotton, a few allergic constitution is not very suitable for use.

    The home that real silk pledges material is taken belongs to high price product commonly.Silk pajamas are characterized by strong comfort, absorption, release of moisture is very good.Silk fabrics soft and smooth texture, delicate touch, compared with other fiber fabrics, skin friction coefficient with the person only 7.4%, because of this, the skin of the person in contact with silk products, often produce soft, meticulous feeling.Wearing silk products in summer can keep people cool.But silk clothing wrinkle resistance, dyeing firmness is poor, easy to yellowing, washing maintenance requirements are higher.

    Hemp home clothes have a natural and simple charm.Hemp fiber is tough, fine and has good color.The fiber is strong and has natural air permeability, moisture absorption, refreshing and dehumidification, making daily wear more comfortable.But according to textile industry experts, linen clothing is not suitable for sleeping, so linen home clothing is best not used as pajamas.

    Home service has become a fashion, is a trend of The Times.Many manufacturers in order to strive for as early as possible in the home service industry to occupy a piece of territory, have their own product characteristics play out