The Introduction Of Polo Shirt's Fabric

- May 14, 2019-

     Everyone is familiar with polo shirts. They are often worn in daily life. But do you know the fabric knowledge of polo shirts?The quality of the fabric has a direct impact on the quality of polo shirts, the following for everyone to introduce the polo shirt fabric knowledge!

Polo shirt pure cotton fabric

     Pure cotton is probably the most commonly used POLO shirt fabric, and its cost performance is also very high. After special processing, 100% cotton still maintains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton, with excellent skin affinity, air permeability and moisture absorption.If you want to wear a very cost-effective, then this is a good choice.

Polo shirt lycra cotton fabric

    Lycra cotton has very good draping and crease recovery ability, good hand feeling, and it is also very close-fitting and annoying to wear, highlighting the figure, elastic oh, suitable for close-fitting wear, this kind of fabric is more suitable for close-fitting fashion POLO shirt, the bone will be less.In particular, this fabric to do anti - shrink water treatment.

Polo shirt high-grade mercerized cotton fabric

     Added high-grade 2 words, let silk smooth cotton had the feeling on a kind of lofty, had silky general burnish, fabric feels soft, absorb wet air, flexibility and hang down feeling still pretty good, and design and color is rich, reflected the temperament of the person that dress adequately and grade.Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabric is more delicate, but also very suitable for making high-grade t-shirts oh.

    The above three kinds of fabrics are often used in the process of customizing polo shirts. In the process of customizing polo shirts, we must pay attention to the choice of fabrics!