The Difference Between Thermal Underwear And Autumn Clothes

- Jun 14, 2019-

    Thermal underwear is a kind of thermal clothing, suitable for late autumn and cold winter, and it will not look bloated, light and neat.Long Johns set, women's thermal underwear set is made of high quality fabrics, with good water absorption and hanging, light in texture, soft in material, and excellent thermal effect.Women's thermal underwear sets apply the principle of fat flow to the design, which can effectively shape the curves, create a graceful and balanced posture, and bring more comfortable feelings.Category 1: cotton underwear.The most traditional single layer underwear is light and breathable, but it is thin and suitable for spring and autumn weather.The 2nd kind: underwear of fibrous heat preservation material.Cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and other fabrics are mostly used. Interlayer is made of cotton, wool, camel wool and other floss as filling materials.The advantages are good permeability and moisture conductivity.The disadvantage is that the dress looks bulky and heavy.Third category: space cotton thermal underwear.Its fabrics are made of cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc.It has the advantages of keeping warm and preventing radiation.Shortcomings are breathable, poor moisture conductivity, wearing when the wire.The fourth category: interlayer contains ICCP material thermal underwear.It USES cotton, wool, silk, lycra and other fabrics, the interlayer of ICCP material from the original non-porous development to porous mesh film until now.The fixing between the fabric and the interlayer is also from glue bonding to composite using a special process.Category 5: comfortable health care thermal underwear.Such products claim to contain far-infrared fiber and more than 20 trace elements, which can transform energy in the body and regulate immunity.Category 6: silk thermal underwear.The traditional silk thermal underwear (commonly known as silk wadding jacket) is filled with silk, which is green, healthy, light, soft, smooth and warm.In addition, it has strong constant temperature, air permeability and moisture permeability, so it can keep warm and comfortable, and silk cotton-padded jacket can prevent mites, bacteria and mildew.The silk thermal underwear made by the new technology has six advantages by improving the traditional technology: beautiful appearance, many styles, washable, no renovation, and more warmth.Qiuyi is a comfortable, close-fitting, long-sleeved shirt worn in an outer garment or sweater to keep warm when the temperature is relatively cold.Generally in the autumn when the weather turns cool, wear a coat not enough to keep warm, in the inside to add clothes, so called qiuyi.Qiu yi basically belongs to underwear kind, wear only commonly go out.Simply put, it is a thermal underwear, suitable for wearing at home or add a coat.Autumn clothes are generally made of 100% cotton, spun rayon, synthetic fibre, pull frame, etc.