Shirt Shop

- Dec 20, 2018-

Skin color Selection People with darker complexion will appear darker and yellowish in green, grayish shirts and will cause some dirty feelings; fair-skinned people who wear bright shirts can set off their skin very white, but this often makes men appear too feminine and lacking in masculinity. Fat people wear small square shirts will appear a bit tight, cramped, should choose with a sharp collar shirt more appropriate.

Tall and dignified people wear shirts do not choose the kind of collar with decorative buttons on the shirt, although it is popular so far.

Face selection Different face in the purchase of shirts, should pay attention to the following differences: Usually round face people, the most taboo wear semicircular lotus leaf collar or buckle all buttons of the round collar shirt, square face of the people, should wear a crescent-like melon collar shirt, to soften the outline, do not wear vertical collar or cheongsam collar shirt, long face people, suggest wearing a standard shirt collar So as not to lengthen the silhouette of the face. Inverted triangular face, it is recommended to wear a small round neck shirt to reconcile the corners of the face, do not wear too slender turtleneck shirt, egg face of the person, between the long face and the inverted triangle face, suitable for each collar shirt.