Shirt Origin

- Dec 20, 2018-

China's Zhou Dynasty already has a shirt, called the middle garment, later called the middle order. Han Dynasty called the close shirt for the toilet. The Song Dynasty has used the name of the shirt.

It is now called a Chinese shirt. The shirt originally refers to the short sleeve used in the dress of the singles, that is, the shirt to remove the sleeve head. In the Song Dynasty, there were no sleeves, there were short, small shirts lined with them, and there were longer shirts worn outside. For example, in the "Water Margin" "Lin Head Snow Mountain God", Lin Chong "The body of the snow shook, put on the upper cover (upper body coat) white cloth shirt off will be a case." In ancient times, women wore short tops called "shirts," also known as "half-clothes."

The Tang Dynasty writer Yuan Zhen in the "Miscellaneous Memory" poem will have "remember the double shirt thin" verse. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, as the European wind grew, people began to wear suits, put shirts in the inside of the suit, as a shirt, wearing a tie in the middle of the opening, generally five buttons.