Shirt Development

- Dec 20, 2018-

Shirts are generally worn on the surface and are often used only as supporting roles before they have a variety of piercing methods. The character of the shirt, from lingerie to the evolution of the middle coat, goes back to the late 1600 years of the blouse and vest appearing in the male costume. A shirt is produced under the vest, in the middle of the top of the dress, which is common in modern suit style.

It can also be said that the collar and cuffs from the top of the exposed style, is established at this time. After entering the 1700-year-old, the fat and comfortable shirts of the waist and sleeves began to appear. You can see the slit part in front of the shirt and the decorative lace lotus leaf trim on the chest. The cuffs are also on the edge of the lotus leaf, wearing the wrist by the lotus leaf edge of the lace cover, which was the most authentic aristocratic piercing at that time.