Shirt Classification(1)

- Sep 24, 2020-

Shirt classification(1)


British shirt

British shirts are also our most familiar styles. Most of the common shirts nowadays are born out of British style, but because of the influence of American culture that is popular in the world, the common shirt styles on the market are more American styles, such as larger sleeves and loose clothes. Body size, so it is difficult to see a British shirt that is really tailored. British shirts are formal shirts in terms of style.

American shirt

American shirts have the same characteristics as American suits. They are looser, with fat sleeves and fat body. They don't pay attention to tailoring that fits the curve of the body. The collar of the standard American shirt has a collar point button, which is used to fix the collar part in the center of vision with a button. Strictly speaking, the style of American shirts cannot be regarded as formal shirts, but more suitable for leisure vacation or home shirts.

French shirt

French shirts are recognized as the most elegant and noble shirts. They are known for their beautiful folded sleeves and cufflinks. They are mainly used to match formal wear. French shirts have six basic characteristics:

1. The collar of French shirt is 8mm higher than that of ordinary shirt, so as to ensure that the collar of the shirt is higher than the collar of the suit.

2. There is a concealed groove behind the collar tip of the French shirt for inserting a special metal collar brace to keep the collar straight.

3. French shirts are more exquisite than American, British, and Italian styles. They are the famous French stacked sleeves. The thickened part of the cuffs of the French shirt is twice as long as that of the ordinary shirt. The longer part should be turned over when worn, and then the openings that need to be merged are placed parallel and fastened with exquisite cufflinks through it.

Fourth, French shirt tailoring emphasizes a close fit, the back will not be pleated (completely rely on the tailoring to complete the shirt widening effect), deliberately creating a slender and elegant line. It even specializes in a variety of body styles such as the waist slimming series.