Men's Underwear Fabric Is Very Important

- Jun 04, 2019-

    Now, more and more men are demanding not only comfort but also the sexiness and virility of their underwear.The concept of men's underwear after the shaming, large underpants stage, but also in the mountains of change: the original single function gradually to sports, interest, sex change development, to show the man's health and virility.

    Some men say underwear is for the people closest to them, just as many women consider whether they will look good in the eyes of their loved ones when choosing their underwear.Additional, put on underwear to want from physiology to want to feel comfortable from psychology already;And the match of knickers and outer pants also is very important.

The fabric of your underwear is very important

  Shafiq, an Egyptian doctor of medicine, has found that synthetic underpants may cause oligospermia in men, affecting fertility, after 20 years of research.His research showed that men who wore pure polyester briefs had a significant decrease in sperm count between 40 percent and 14 months, while men who wore semi-cotton and semi-polyester briefs had a decrease in sperm count between 9 percent and 10 months, while men who wore pure cotton briefs had no change in semen.In addition, the man who has seminal fluid change, mostly in the change of chemical fiber underwear 4 ~ 8 months after normal.

  The study confirms that polyester briefs temporarily inhibit sperm production.It raises testicular temperature and lowers plasma hormone levels, triggering oligospermia.This is one of the worst consequences of wearing underpants by mistake - causing infertility and depriving men of the right to be fathers.But it's not just unmarried men who need to be concerned. Dr. Shafik warns men who have become fathers that polyester can create static fields in penis tissue, weaken a man's sexual function, and even cause you to become sexually apathetic.

The selection of underwear varies from person to person

Sports - briefs

  Briefs wrap relatively tight, will affect heat dissipation and sweat, adverse to reproductive health.But it is suitable for sporty men with varicocele.Men with varicocele need to choose briefs, which are tight and crotched, to lift the scrotum and reduce venous return pressure.

Like the friend of acuteness motion, also should choose briefs, still have the athletic underpants that designs technically especially now, it is basic modelling with small briefs, add bursa bag, also call bursa bag underwear, it is the delegate of athletic underpants.Stereo scrotum holds design, can hold scrotum completely, avoid scrotum and thigh inside rub each other, and scrotum still is placed apart from the penis, ventilated permeability is admirable, it is the choice of motile man ***.

Man with thick legs -- high panties

  Men with thick thighs are suitable for wearing underwear with high slits.What is high underpants?The sides of the briefs go straight up to the waist or hipbone, with fewer ties to the thigh root.It is well known that women's clothing is designed for sexy, while men's are not.The high slits in men's underwear are designed to accommodate men with thick legs. Compared with the looseness of boxers, briefs will make this part of friends feel compact.Thick leg man walking friction will be greater, if wearing tight flat horn pants, pants leg easy to make thigh root blood circulation worse, affect scrotal temperature and humidity, and choose high vents briefs will better protect the function of thick leg man.And will not cause the friction between the legs of the overheating situation, will not run at will and cause damage.

  Men with thick legs easy to sweat, choose high vent briefs do not choose pure cotton, choose to contain 15% ~ 30% cotton, currently there are some modal, silk and other fabrics, can effectively sweat, dry faster

Sedentary: boxers

  Sedentary gens, such as white-collar workers and drivers, tend to increase pubic temperature by sitting for a long time, so what suits them best is baggy boxers.High temperatures affect sperm motility, which in turn affects a man's reproductive health.And pants of flat horn can better come loose heat, won't appear this problem.

  The looseness of boxers makes scrotum self-regulation more relaxed and in a natural state, which makes men more comfortable and healthy when sitting for a long time.