Men's Underwear Calls For An Upgrade

- Jul 08, 2019-

     If you're a gentleman, flash your underwear brand.Do not mistake this is a movie dialogue, life you and I can use this trick to test the taste of men around.It is said that the British gentlemen's good reputation is due to their good habit of wearing middle socks all the year round, even in the rich or idle class, every day to wear underwear must be ironed neatly.Underwear is really for yourself, that's why it's about taste, about style.

    The first time I came into contact with YLK yinli pants, the person in charge told me that this functional underwear is an imported product from the United States. It was only after 1209 experiments and as many as 2611 repeated modifications by an American androgygist and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that we found the appropriate dosage and determined the accurate position. After five years of development, the product was finally developed

    Men's functional silver pants. By putting on the physical therapy can solve the problem of male sexual function, solve impotence, premature ejaculation, weakness, insomnia and dream.Silver pants are made of high tech fabric, which is very comfortable to wear and protects men's golden triangle.Why can the man appear lumbar genu acerbity is soft, weak weak and insomnia the phenomenon of many dreams?It is because kidney power is insufficient, and the physiology characteristic that our silver supports trousers hind waist according to the man, there are 6 energy stone above right man hind waist, a steady stream of add energy to the man, enhance kidney power, solve the kidney empty cause of the man, waist knee acid and soft, insomnia much dream, wait for trouble.There are two energy stones in the prostate gland, which can effectively protect men's prostate and make men's prostate more powerful.Solve the problem of frequent and urgent urination in men.The crotch of yinli pants USES 400 far-infrared tomalin, which can increase blood circulation and promote the development of sponge cells.Everyone knows male penis erection is genital blunt blood velocity, crotch ms tomalin coated parts and male genitals when walking, brush massage, every day like when wearing a pair of gentle hands constantly in the male genitalsmassage, can greatly reduce the male sexual sensitivity.

    Many sexual dysfunction of impotence premature ejaculation male friends generally divided into two kinds of problems physiological and psychological.Physiologic, basically because, this is in adolescent period when, because excessive masturbation brings about impotence premature ejaculation, erect not firm.And what go up psychologically is because of outside some kind of reason, got stimulation to bring about the obstacle on psychology, already connect him to do not come intimately with the female, he appeared impotence premature ejaculation.Silver pants far infrared tomalin parts of the male genital massage therapy, can effectively reduce the sensitivity of men, once the sensitivity can be reduced to solve the physiological and psychological problems.Wear by cycle greatly lengthened the man's bedroom time, but also can enhance erectile ability, solve impotence premature ejaculation let a man more lasting.

    Now it is the era of high-tech products combining Chinese and western products.