Introduction To The Fabric Of Underwear

- Dec 20, 2018-

1. Cotton Fabric: pure natural, itself to the skin without irritation, moisture absorption breathable, although absorbing sweat, but not easy to dry, skin for a long time contact wet clothing, prone to redness, itching and so on. So in cold outdoor sports, such as skiing, is the scariest stealth killer.

The number of times a cotton underwear is used, it is best not to exceed 25 times. 

2. Bamboo fiber fabric (including bamboo fiber 95% fabric): Bamboo Fiber cross section is full of large and small oval pores, can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. Cross section of the natural height of the hollow, so that bamboo fiber by the industry experts called "Breathing" fiber, its moisture absorption, moisture release, Breathability is also ranked first in the major textile fibers. Bamboo fiber naturally has a particularly outstanding antibacterial ability, in 12 hours the sterilization rate of bamboo fiber between 63% and 92.8%. Precautions: Please do not use washing machine cleaning or dry cleaning, hand washing is preferred.