How To Wash Your Underwear Properly

- Apr 23, 2019-

  • How long do I have to change my underwear?

    This question is known to some people.But, someone says underwear 6 months change once, that if I am bought later half year did not wear?Lost, not yet lost, still can wear?Here to tell you, in fact, whether to discard, need to replace, according to is not the time, but the frequency of underwear replacement.The less underwear you have, the more frequently you'll use each pair, which means your underwear will need to be renewed in a short time.If your underwear is enough, the frequency of use of each pair will be reduced, so you can be assured in six months or longer for new.

  • How often should you wash your underwear?

    If you have enough time and enough panties, change them as many times a day as you want.

However, in normal circumstances, or in terms of cost performance, a daily change is a must;If there are special conditions, such as excessive sweating in summer, it's ok to change your clothes twice a day.

    As for the autumn and winter seasons, although the temperature is low, sweat less, but all kinds of excretion activities and other seasons are no different, so it is recommended to wash underwear every day.

How to wash underwear properly?

A lot of people think it's important to wash your underwear well, so there are all kinds of ways to wash your underwear...

    Clean with cleanser for instance, 84 disinfectant is cleaned, clean again after boiling with hot water wait a moment, still have a person to be able to use microwave oven, electric hot kettle even wash underwear of what...

But do they really work?Just to give you an idea, detergent cleans dirt, but it doesn't kill bacteria or viruses;84 disinfectant has certain bactericidal effect, but 84 disinfectant pungent smell is not everyone can stand;General underwear products are marked on the cleaning temperature, about 30 degrees below the warm water cleaning, and kettle boiling underwear will greatly destroy the fiber composition of underwear.

    But then again, for underwear cleaning I recommend: use a dedicated underwear detergent for cleaning.And in the process of cleaning, must be in accordance with the instructions for cleaning, can not be in contact with other clothing, so as to avoid other clothing yellow fade.

Some advice

     A lot of men look bright and beautiful, fine suit, shiny leather shoes, straight figure.Most men aren't so particular about their underwear. They don't think it has much to do with washing it.

     But in fact, men's underwear is extremely important, as the last line of defense for sensitive parts, comfort and discomfort, convenience and inconvenience, directly affecting the state of a day's life.In addition, men's underwear is just like women's bra, emitting a strong smell of hormones. A good pair of men's underwear will highlight the unique charm of men.