How To Do Brand Underwear Marketing

- Dec 25, 2020-

How to do brand underwear marketing

1. Novices entering this industry should read more books about underwear knowledge, and learn more about product sales skills, customer psychology, how to induce customers to buy, etc., and they must have the belief in success, even in the most difficult Go ahead and do everything with your heart. Success is only a matter of time.

2. When choosing a brand and store, make a decision based on the location of the store, customer spending power, and your own financial situation. Carefully analyze whether the brand business investment conditions, price positioning, product image, terminal services, etc. are suitable for you, and it is best to visit. If the local consumption power is too low and the funds are not very strong, when choosing a store, the area should not be too large, the decoration is simple and generous, and the selected brand is best not to have a franchise fee, and there is no minimum purchase limit. If you have high spending power around the store and your own funds are relatively strong, choose a mid-to-high-end brand. In short, you must choose a brand that suits you.

3. If the store is relatively large, you can choose a brand combination store and a product category combination store, which can reduce the risk of loss. A customer can buy underwear, underwear, etc. after buying pajamas. This kind of joint consumption can increase a single turnover. Brands also have different advantages. If the store is relatively small, make one or two distinctive brands as an underwear specialty store. You can also add some product categories, but don't affect the overall image of the store, and don't overwhelm you. When a newbie joins an underwear shop, many brands require only one brand. The survival rate of this kind of underwear shop is very low, and I hope to consider it carefully.

4. Don’t rely too much on suppliers in the process of business, because suppliers will not be by your side every day, there are many franchisees under the suppliers to serve, the problems that occur every day in each store are different, and they need to be solved in time , Franchisees must be good at observing, analyzing, and solving problems. Business opportunities will appear by your side at any time, depending on whether you can find them and seize them.

5. Franchisees must be patient. Don’t be discouraged because they have no money in the first month of opening. They must analyze the reasons and solve the problem. No one enters the store, or the transaction rate is low. There are also products, salespersons, displays, store locations, For many reasons, such as price, problems that cannot be solved by oneself can be solved through negotiation with the brand owners. Only by mutual understanding can we develop together. If no one enters the store, they will find a way to let consumers in. After they come in, they will figure out how to make consumers spend more, and how to become friends with consumers and let them bring more friends.

6. Give profits to customers; general brand owners will require franchisees to sell at a discount of not less than much. In fact, franchisees should determine their own sales prices according to their actual conditions. For example, there are several underwear shops around their stores, and their discounts are higher than their own. If you’re low, you should also give your customers some benefits. If you encounter repeat customers or bulk shopping, don’t let customers think that your store can bargain. You must pay attention to the method to make the customers thank you for your profit. .

7. Asking a good salesperson is one step closer to success. First of all, salespersons must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, be healthy and energetic, speak clearly, work cleanly, have a good service attitude, and have a likable face for consumption. People who believe in you will want to believe in the products you promote. If they are familiar with the words, a good salesperson can sell garbage.

8. If permitted, the boss should directly participate in the various trainings of the supplier and participate in the operation of the store, because the salesperson is unstable. If the old salesperson resigns and the new salesperson does not understand, the supplier cannot give you training at any time. This is very detrimental to the sales in the store. If the boss has participated in the training, he can directly train the new salesperson, and the boss often finds the problems in the store in time when he is in the store.

9. Products should be popularized, because there are more popular consumers, and there must be but not many special products, because there are few people with special needs.

10. If you want to ensure the turnover of the store, the normal inventory of the products must be guaranteed. Many underwear shop owners are not willing to stock too much, thinking that inventory will bring about a backlog of funds.

11. When the product is about to pass the season, the inventory should be processed in time, even if it can be returned or exchanged, it must be cleared. This can solve the supplier's inventory pressure and also give customers a profit.

12. If you want to set up a counter in a shopping mall, when choosing a brand, it is best to choose a brand with a lower discount rate. Generally, mature brands are available at a discount rate of 4-4.5%. Nowadays, department stores are available for holidays or seasons. There will be a 50% discount for the whole venue or 100 yuan for the purchase of 100 yuan, and some shopping malls will also issue invoices when receiving the payment. The tax rate for ordinary invoices is 4%, and the tax rate for value added tax is 17%. After the discount, there is no profit at all. Customers are also used to shopping at counters with low discount rates. Therefore, franchisees who are new to the underwear industry and have less funds can choose to discount some suppliers with relatively low discount rates. There will be more concessions and discounts for customers.

13. Supplier’s terminal service is also very important. There are more mature brand franchisees and relatively less service for you. In their hearts, they will not put small franchisees in their eyes. One more is not more, less There are many, small brands are different, no matter how big or small they will take it very seriously.

14. To start business, you must set goals for yourself: such as daily sales goals, monthly goals, salesperson personal goals, profit goals, mid-term profit goals, long-term profit goals, etc. For example, this month’s revenue goal is 30,000 yuan, an average daily The goal is 1,000 yuan. If today’s turnover is 900 yuan, then tomorrow must be 1100 yuan. If tomorrow’s turnover is still 900 yuan, then it must be 1200 yuan the day after tomorrow. In order to achieve the goal, business hours can be extended and salesperson sales can be increased. When setting goals, franchisees must decide according to the actual situation of their stores. If the goal is too high, the salesperson has no enthusiasm, and the goal is too low to promote sales.