How To Clean Your Underwear

- Dec 20, 2018-

Panties need to be changing every day.

Don't let your underwear stay overnight, otherwise the growth of a large number of bacteria will make cleaning difficult. Underwear needs hand washing.

One is that the washing machine is not clean, at the same time may lead to the spread of germs; second, hand washing can increase the friction density, conducive to local cleaning, so that underwear can be washed more clean.

Underwear to choose alkaline not too strong, clean ability is better cleaning agent, because women's private parts are weak acid environment.

Wash your underwear with a special cleaning utensils. Panties need to dry in a ventilated place first, and then do not fail to live up to the sun's kindness, sunlight in the ultraviolet rays, can sterilize and disinfect, keep underwear sanitary. Really embarrassed to let underwear bask in the sun, it is necessary to use the dryer to dry the underwear thoroughly, underwear clean and refreshing, oneself wear up will be comfortable. In addition, to dress comfortably, women are best to choose cotton underwear. Note: If exposed directly to the sun, it will deform and harden.