How To Buy High-quality Bras?

- Nov 22, 2020-

How to buy high-quality bras?

The following are the key aspects to identify the quality of bras:

One, type

First, check whether the left and right sides of each part of the bra are symmetrical, whether the workmanship is meticulous, whether there are wrinkles, whether there are needle holes in the sewing area, if there is a needle hole, it will soon become a big hole.

2. Material

The composition of fabrics is usually divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers. Natural fibers are composed of cotton, wool, silk, and hemp. Chemical fibers are composed of polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene. The best fabrics are cotton in natural fibers and cotton yarn. The higher the count, the better, the higher the yarn count, the thinner the yarn, and it will be very comfortable and soft to wear.

Three, mold cup and back strap

The surface of the mold cup should be smooth and round, without recesses and protrusions. The fabric of the back should be neat and flexible. You can pull it manually. If you feel that the back strap is loose, it will definitely not work.

Four, stitches and interlining

The stitches of a good quality bra are very uniform, and there will be no skip stitches, and the stitches of the stitches are also very clear and smooth, and there will never be irregular stitches. Looking at the inside of the interlining, if there is pilling, it means that the fabric must be bad.

Five, test flexibility

The last technique is to gently pull it with your hand and then pinch it again. If the bra has good resilience and qualitative shape, it will not deform after a pinch!