- Aug 12, 2020-


The conventional one is cotton: very traditional fabrics, older people have a high acceptance rate, comfortable to wear, and modal: Lenzing Modal is the most suitable modal, with good personal comfort and good skin-friendliness , Moisture absorption and perspiration is better than cotton, silk-like feel, and high-count combed cotton: it is much better than ordinary cotton. There is also flax: flax fiber exists in the phloem tissue of the hemp stem, and is removed by retting and degumming. Part of the colloid, which makes the bonded fiber bundles partly loosened, and then processed into "beaten hemp" through pressing and hemp, which is a craft fiber composed of 10-20 single fibers. Due to its good hygroscopicity, fast moisture conduction and relatively small diameter, it is one of the main fiber raw materials for summer clothes.


Usually, the cloth woven from flax fibers is called flax fabric. Tencel: It is a new type of viscose fiber, also known as LYOCELL viscose fiber, its trade name is Tencel. Tencel is produced by solvent spinning technology. Because the amine oxide solvent used in the production is completely harmless to the human body, it is almost completely recyclable and can be used repeatedly without by-products. One of the most popular fabrics on the market is bamboo fiber fabric, which is soft and comfortable to wear next to the body, has good antiseptic, antibacterial, sweat-wicking effects, and its products can degrade by themselves!