Do You Know Lamb Fabric? The Difference Betwee

- Jul 29, 2019-

    A fashionable material nowadays is lamb, especially in winter, which is very popular.What do you know about lamb fabric?What's the difference between a lamb's fleece and a lamb's fleece?

    Lamb Wool, also known as Lamb Wool, is a common material used in winter clothing. It is popular for its warmth and fashion sense. The work jacket of Lamb is also the most fashionable element in winter 2016.

Lamb wool, as the name suggests, is taken from the sheep's first cut of wool (about 7 months old).The wool is naturally very soft, smooth and elastic. The finished wool is fine, softer than ordinary wool, and the yarn made from this material has a better hand feel than ordinary wool, keeps warm better than ordinary wool, and costs a little more.

    Lamb's wool: lamb's wool is the wool on the lamb's body, the length and fineness are between wool and cashmere, the texture is more delicate, softer than ordinary wool, is a common material in winter clothing, warmth and fashion sense, by modern women love and favor, high quality and high price of course.

    Lamb fleece: lamb fleece is a kind of high quality wool between cashmere and ordinary wool, but there are a lot of fake lamb fleece on the market, super soft short fleece mixed with pearl fleece and other fabrics, which are widely used in low quality winter clothing lining.The method of identification is through fire, burning after a pinch is broken is true, if into a burnt paste is false.High quality lambskin fabric is used in the inner lining of winter coats, which is warm and soft, and is very popular among consumers.