Choose By Color

- Aug 11, 2020-

The color of the underwear is chosen according to everyone's preference. But some dyes are carcinogenic. Dyes can be absorbed by human skin through sweat. There are more dyes on dark underwear. If the fastness of the dyes is not good, the skin will absorb more and the harm will be greater.

Dermatologists also believe that some skin diseases may be caused by impurities such as dye shedding or intermediates.

Therefore, the best choice of underwear is natural or light-colored. Try not to buy dark red, fuchsia, navy blue, coffee, dark green and black.

If you have a special preference for these colors, you must change them frequently and don't be lazy. White underwear is not very safe either. Such products are often added with a fluorescent whitening agent which is also a carcinogen, which can pollute the water source along with the washing.