Children's Underwear, We Have Our Own Adhere To!

- May 05, 2019-

As the "second skin of the child", parents are very cautious when choosing children's underwear for their children.A mom friend told me she had never heard or cared about "A, B, C," "ph," or "phthalates" before she had A baby.Since had the baby, really is the baby all is bigger than the day, wasted a lot of time not to say on the clothes for the baby, is also very headache burning brain, afraid to buy bad clothes for the baby.

1 / better fabric

Xinjiang long combed cotton is preferred.Xinjiang long-staple cotton has excellent quality, and all quality indexes exceed the national standard. Combed cotton is obtained after removing impurities and coarse staple fiber.Xinjiang long worsted cotton surface is smooth, not easy to pilling, soft and comfortable, strong air permeability.

2 / higher standard

Class A standard, reactive printing and dyeing, all testing items in accordance with the standard provisions, each package contains A test report.Every garment must be needle checked, and every day when finished must be needle checked.

3 / r&d design

The national leading design team, strong r & d design ability, 2000+SKU every year, is committed to creating a one-stop baby and child cotton museum.

4 / extreme detail

Scientific cutting, more comfortable fit.From the thread, collar, washing mark, elastic and so on, every detail, the pursuit of perfection.