About The Category Of Thermal Underwear

- Mar 18, 2021-

About the category of thermal underwear

Now the thermal underwear on the market is mainly composed of polyester fiber, acrylic fiber, spandex, viscose fiber, cotton yarn and other fabrics. In the process of making thermal underwear, it will change the content of the ingredients according to different thermal properties.

Polyester fiber: In our domestic products, the name is polyester. It is a more common chemical fiber. It has good elasticity and is not easy to be deformed, not easy to shrink, and has good wrinkle resistance.

Acrylic: It is the product name of polyacrylonitrile. The short fiber is like wool. Its density is smaller than wool. It has good light resistance and is not easy to corrode. It keeps warm and is comfortable and light.

Spandex: You can also call it Lycra, which is a very elastic fiber.

Viscose fiber: Take cotton linters and wood fibers as raw materials, extract natural cellulose from them, and reshape them to obtain cellulose fibers, which can make the fabric breathable, cool, smooth and antistatic, etc., not only has silk quality, but also The essence of cotton is called modal in the market.

Cotton yarn: It is a natural fiber fabric. Its raw material is cotton, which is also what we usually call pure cotton. It has good moisture absorption, and the fabric is skin-friendly, soft and breathable.