2019 Children’clothes Value

- Jul 02, 2019-

    The overall situation in the children's underwear industry was not good last year, but that didn't stop wuziniu from developing rapidly.

     As a professional company set up in wenzhou in September 2015, it integrates the design, production and marketing of undergarments for young girls and underpants for children during their puberty.

     How can we maintain rapid growth in a contrarian environment?According to Yang xiang, director of our planning department, different enterprises have different situations."Last year, due to the general environment, sales channels were obviously weak, coupled with the environmental protection pressure on raw material procurement and other factors, the production and sales of enterprises did bring a lot of pressure.This year, however, we will make full preparations and adjust our inventory to buy raw materials in advance."

    Since its establishment, our company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "providing the best quality underwear for teenagers", expanded the domestic and international markets, and devoted itself to the development of channel sales, including supermarket, agency, wholesale, e-commerce, OEM and other modes.

     It has always been a choice for many children's underwear enterprises to carry out the whole series of products or focus on the core advantages.In recent years, the great changes in the development environment of children's underwear industry have provided us with the "answer".

    "Although for more than 10 years, children's, boys' and girls' underwear products have been our core products.But this year, wuziniu is trying to further refine and position the underwear market for adolescent girls over the age of 16."Our product advantage lies in the version comprehensive quality is excellent, in addition to the existing underwear brand for adolescent girls qingjing nobility and personal guard, this year we also launched a new "light sense series", strive to from the different direction of the brand, deep dig product value.

    "With the upgrading of consumption, children's and teenagers' underwear products should not only combine the physical changes of children but also pay attention to their psychological needs."Changes in the market make us decide to "extend" the product range. In the face of the same changing consumption environment, we hope to improve the comprehensive competitive advantage of the brand through distinctive aesthetic sense.