Will the traditional textile industry be eliminated?

- Aug 19, 2019-

    For some time, with the change of consumption mode and the upgrading of urban function planning, China's textile and garment market is standing at a historical inflection point in the face of the change of new economic growth mode.Compared with the channel upgrading of the professional market in the past, the new round of transformation and upgrading is more breakthrough and innovative on the basis of continuation and inheritance, and takes setting up new positioning and achieving new goals as the priority, presenting a series of new directions and trends.

Intensive change traditional competition pattern

    Nowadays, professional market management intensive, are leading professional market in combination with characteristics of their respective scientific positioning, safe and orderly promote merger and reorganization of "zombie" market, through the industrial resources, idle venues, the comprehensive utilization of idle facilities, guide the professional market has the potential to do bigger and stronger, leading the market in China.For example, leading markets such as guangzhou baima clothing market, hangzhou sijiqing market and haining leather city have been continuously developing management output and brand expansion for many years, which greatly enhanced the market influence while realizing the full application of resources.

     From the perspective of comprehensive competitiveness, professionals in the industry said that it is urgent to establish and improve the property rights system, talent introduction and training mechanism and enterprise governance structure in the textile and apparel market.In the process of market hardware and software environment transformation, market positioning and consumer demand should be adapted to avoid one-sidedness.

     The intensification of merchant management is mainly reflected in the optimization of merchant structure by professional market, the introduction of modern enterprise system, the improvement of the level of corporatization, and the attraction and training of professional talents such as buyers, shopping guides and store managers.For example, in 2017, Beijing wufang tianya Internet + women's wear experience center made a drastic reduction of merchants and sorted out the brand structure, reducing the number of merchants from 1156 to 542, creating favorable conditions for powerful merchants to seek greater development space.

    The intensive operation mode is reflected in the fact that the enterprise is actively trying the intensive development mode such as joint purchase, chain operation and joint distribution to improve the rapid response of the market and meet the personalized and diversified needs.For example, jiangsu changshu tianhong clothing mall launched t-hong tianhong brand integration store as early as 2016, and guangzhou baima clothing market built BM original collection stores in hunan, hubei and other places in 2017, all of which are active explorers of model innovation.

Specialization strengthens core competitiveness

    For professional market, professional development is more reflected in management and service, because the professional textile and apparel market in the new era is a professional place to provide professional goods to professional buyers through professional management and service.

Specifically, the specialization of management is reflected in the aspects of team building, system building, organizational structure building and market operation efficiency.Service specialization is reflected in channel expansion, brand incubation, industrial service, consumer service capacity and urban function, and public service platform construction and application.Buyer's specialization is reflected in the market trend, terminal demand, product development and design, quality and channel control;The specialization of commodities is reflected in the satisfaction of buyer and terminal consumption demand and the degree of mining potential demand.The professionalization of the place not only refers to the professional market as the circulation platform of the industry, as well as the professional circulation distribution center of textile and garment products, as well as the wholesale and distribution business. Meanwhile, the professionalization of management, service, buyer and commodity also constitutes the professionalization of the place.

    Nowadays, the textile and apparel professional market in the new era gradually moves from extensive scale expansion to deep cultivation, from basic property management to self-management chain, and from single industrial circulation channel to industrial public service platform. Professional development will be the urgent requirement of the professional market based on the new situation.

We will create new drivers of growth through smart channels

    Nowadays, the intelligent development of the professional market has become the driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of the professional market, and also to lay a solid foundation for the efficiency and competitiveness of high-quality innovation and development of the professional market.Intelligent development refers to the professional market through the application of information technology, promote the market site, place, scene and other "three" information upgrading and transformation, and carry out information services for small, medium and micro enterprises, to achieve a new positioning of industrial chain service platform.

    Industry insiders believe that in the early stage of intelligent development, the focus is to improve the construction of information infrastructure, promote the application of intelligent equipment and facilities, intelligent monitoring and other information technologies, and build an intelligent site.We will improve the market data collection and monitoring system, deepen the sharing and utilization of information resources, and build an intelligent place.Build public service platforms such as intelligent search and information push, promote the instant transmission of consumer information to the industrial chain, and build an intelligent scene.

    Future, professional market intelligence development focus on service professional market and micro, small and medium enterprises of industrial cluster as the basic starting point, around precision marketing, merchants, merchandise, shops and consumers the elaborating management, industrial chain upstream and downstream rapid response to build the information system, timely and accurately capture consumer demand, to design research and development, material, production, marketing, logistics, forming industry data center, promote industrial structure from production orientation to consumption-oriented, finally realizes the service for the masses of micro, small and medium enterprises to provide the whole industrial chain.