What you should know about thermal underwear

- Jun 14, 2019-

    Selection can be from feel, test elasticity, listen to the sound, smell the smell of four aspects

1. By the touch

    Feel is very important, in order to reduce the cost of general fabrics will use cotton containing more polyester, feel hard, easy to electrostatic.High quality underwear is generally used to force the use of ultrafine fiber, set up a soft feel without foreign objects.

2. Test elasticity

    Stretch your underwear horizontally and longitudinally.A major breakthrough of the new generation of high quality thermal underwear is to make thermal underwear has excellent elasticity, to ensure that the underwear wearing a good sense of fit, every joint movement freely.

3. Listen to the voice

    Rub with your hands and listen for the "splash" sound in the fabric.An ultra-thin hot melt film is added to the old thermal lining to enhance wind resistance. This product is prone to rustle, poor air permeability and static electricity.A new generation of thermal underwear has largely overcome these shortcomings by making no noise when rubbed.

4. Smell

    Most high quality thermal underwear adopts needling process to connect multiple layers of thermal fabric, which will not smell.If the fabric smells like a civilian, it may be multi-layer material using glue bonding, harmful to the human body, do not buy.