What kinds of underwear materials and fabrics are there?

- Oct 31, 2019-

Lace fabric

Lace fabrics are loved by girls because of their beautiful and colorful patterns. Lace fabrics should be soft to the touch and have a good quality lace. They will be more comfortable to wear and will not have a sense of restraint. Lace underwear is beautiful and unique, wearing a lively and cute, very smart

Silk fabric

The silk fabric underwear feels soft and smooth, and it is very light and thin, comfortable and comfortable. It is very slim and wears no pressure. It is a good underwear fabric. Silk fabric underwear has a sexy and mature feminine charm compared to lace fabric, which can show feminine tenderness. The underwear of silk fabric is relatively weak. When washing, pay attention to gentle hand washing to prevent damage to the fabric.


Cotton fabrics

The cotton fabric is comfortable and breathable, and it feels good to the touch and is suitable for everyone to wear. The underwear of pure cotton fabric is soft and skin-friendly, very breathable. The underwear of cotton fabric is suitable for wearing in the summer when it is hot, which is good for perspiration. It is a very comfortable underwear fabric.

chemical fiber fabric

Some underwear on the market is made of fabric made of chemical fiber. It will produce a itchy reaction, and some of the inferior quality may affect the health of the human body. Therefore, some people avoid buying underwear with polyester, nylon, acrylic and other materials in the fabric. Try to buy natural fiber underwear so that it can be more comfortable and healthy.