What is the healthiest way to wash women's underwear?

- Aug 15, 2019-

   How do you wash your underwear?Put the water in the basin, add the washing powder, then put the underwear into the soak and rub.Is it your usual laundry routine?But close-fitting clothes are not suitable for washing powder, washing powder is too harsh, it is best to choose soap powder.Soap powder is a kind of powder fertilizer soap washing products, decontamination and soap the same effect, but more natural, less irritating clothes.

Can't wash underwear with washing powder?

    People seem to be getting lazier and lazier these days, even washing their underwear with a special little washing machine.Many people in the laundry, will habitually choose washing powder.In fact, machine washing intimate clothes, washing powder is too strong, the best choice soap powder.

   Soap powder is a kind of powder fertilizer soap washing products.Soap powder decontamination principle is the same as soap, physical, natural, low stimulation, at the same time, it also retains a good soap decontamination.Moreover, the natural active ingredients added in soap powder can also protect the fabric. Clothes can be fluffy and soft without using softener after washing, which solves the problems of dirt accumulation, hardening and static electricity in the fabric after multiple washing, and has a better effect than washing powder.In addition, soap powder has a small foam, which makes it easier to rinse and clean in machine washing, avoiding residual material irritation to the skin and saving water. It can kill two birds with one stone.

   Of course, when daily use scour, still should choose appropriate catharsis things according to clothings property.General natural soap powder is more suitable for close-fitting clothes, infants' clothes and diapers, laundry liquid is more suitable for soft clothes, laundry powder is more suitable for jeans, heavy coats, curtains, sofa cover, etc.

Small details of laundry

   When some people are washing clothes, for water saving, it is to wash underwear first normally, wash outer garment next, wash the sundry such as socks again, a basin of water is washed to the end, dirty and black.Although this guarantees the cleanliness of some of the clothes, but the final washing of the clothes is very contaminated.Especially socks and women's underwear mixed washing more harmful, will cause female genital diseases.In order to save time and convenience, some people put all the changed clothes into the washing machine and wash them together. In the process of stirring and rubbing, the bacteria, colors and fibers on the clothes will inevitably contaminate each other.It's more complicated to get dry cleaners, healthy, sick, maybe infectious.

    Some bad businessmen to profit and cut corners, leave out disinfection processing technology, also can lead to disease infection.

    The washing machine of some other people never is cleaned, should turn only move wash all the time, the inner wall of catchment place filled cloth duff and dirt, cause many virus, bacterium.This dirt and bacteria can get onto clothes during the washing process.

    Many people overuse detergent because they think it's too dirty or cheap, but it doesn't take long to rinse and it often leaves a residue on their clothes.Most detergents are alkyl benzenes, which can irritate the skin and affect liver function.

The scour that dry clean USES is tetrachloroethylene, gasoline to wait more, also harmful to human body health.Normally, dry-cleaned clothes are left to dry for a period of time before the chemicals evaporate.

Are these common laundry mistakes you make?So what's the right way to do it?

    In order to prevent the damage of human health caused by cross-contamination in the laundry process, it is better to wash each person's clothes separately, at least children's and adults' clothes separately.Wash the healthy and sick clothes separately.Wash underwear and coats separately;Wash clothes that are not too dirty and clothes that are too dirty separately;Bras, underwear, socks are best washed by hand alone;Don't use too much detergent and rinse your clothes several times, especially your underwear.Dry cleaning clothes back to the full air drying, until the chemical detergent is completely volatilized before wearing;Washing machines should always be cleaned and disinfected.

    Do you think there is something wrong with the way you used to clean your underwear?So your underwear after such a long time of wrong cleaning, it must be very unsanitary, don't hurry to wash your underwear according to the way described in the article!