Underwear market potential huge fabrics or become another competitive weapon

- Apr 26, 2019-

    After being satisfied with food and clothing, people have a higher demand for the quality of life.And to close-fitting underwear is worn, also more and more pursuit is comfortable with more function sex.Underwear brands are also well aware of this market demand, and constantly develop new functional fabrics to make underwear wear more in line with the pursuit of modern people.

    In the research and development of new underwear fabrics, our brands have also demonstrated their strong strength.Starting from various aspects of underwear wearing, we will bring more novel and competitive underwear fabrics to the market.

    Practical fabrics

    In terms of practical wearing of underwear, uniqlo, a fast fashion brand, also puts a lot of effort into the fabric of underwear.Its independently developed Heattech fabrics and AIRism fabrics have their own advantages in black technology.

    Heattech fabric is the main heat preservation fabric, and the underwear in autumn and winter are slim and fashionable through the use of heat preservation fiber.In cold winter, such fabrics also caught the demand of consumer deeply.Contrary to Heattech, they are AIRism of breathable fabric.AIRism fabrics create aist-like lightness through their pursuit of very fine fibres, and these black tech breathable materials help to release heat and sweat, which are a big boon to consumers in the summer.

    These fabrics developed by uniqlo have deeply caught the needs of modern consumers. They have not only changed the way people wear clothes by means of science and technology, but also brought good news to the consumer market.

Environmental protection material

    Recently, Oysho, the underwear brand of Zara, launched COLORISTA swimsuit toner series for spring and summer 2019, which USES colorful colors to make summer wear more energetic and colorful.This time around, some of the clothes in COLORISTA's palette are made from eco-friendly materials.

    In recent years, the topic of environmental protection is very hot, in the clothing and accessories, home furnishing and other industries have been blowing a wind of environmental protection.People pay more and more attention to the use of environmental protection products in life, and the use of environmental protection materials in underwear products has become a popular trend.Finch swimwear, released in 2014, is also a swimsuit product made from recycled PET bottles.Underwear products of short life cycle, can be in this kind of products on the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, but also to the cause of environmental protection to bring a lot of power.

    This time, COLORISTA's palette also USES eco-friendly materials to make underwear more accessible.This series is part of zara's Join Life project.In recent years, major clothing brands have made efforts to promote environment-friendly products. When the earth is running out of resources, everyone is making concerted efforts for the cause of environmental protection. The development of environment-friendly underwear and clothing can also lead the development of the cause of environmental protection.

Fabric of science and technology

    The recently unveiled Glucose technology fabric is a black technology in the underwear industry.From the underwear wearing pain point and a series of other aspects of research and development, to bring more healthy and comfortable fabrics to the consumer market.

    In the past three years, changsha yintian textile technology co., ltd. has developed Glucose technology, which is made from bionic fiber and free from the threat of toxicity and harm.At the same time, it also has the characteristics of easy washing, rapid moisture conduction, bacteriostasis and sterilization.After passing catharsis for many times, still can ensure the softness of underwear comfortable sex, such fabrics also are accomplished on the market "immanent" beauty.

    Modern people pay more and more attention to the comfort of life, and this kind of intimate underwear products, also has a more comfortable demand.In this aspect, fabric reform also conforms to the market demand.Truly realize the need to use technology to make life better.

    In addition, there are a lot of underwear brands in the underwear products on the fabric.For example, honeycomb breathable mesh fabric, Dralon warm knitted fabric, lycra meltable spandex seamless fabric and so on bring more convenience to people in various functional types of underwear.

    With the improvement of life, underwear brands have also found the importance of functional underwear fabrics.While studying how to make clothes more comfortable and fashionable, more and more brands are choosing to make great efforts in fabric.In the future, I believe that more brands will bring us more technical fabrics. Let's wait and see.