the principle of choosing a proper men underwear

- Jun 18, 2019-

    Men's underwear should be loose first, not too tight, to pure cotton, if he often wear tights will choose legs, so from the back will not look like traces, if he often wear pants, it will choose triangle, so in the summer will not be very hot.The problem of size, the smallest size for men is S, the medium size is M, the large size is L, the adult is generally more M, L.It also depends on the waist size, if it's 2 '5' or '6' I think L is fine, otherwise it's XL, XXL and the largest XXXL.Try to choose the best pants that are the same color as the ones he usually wears to avoid embarrassment.

1.Comfort is always the first consideration when buying.

2. Underwear should absorb sweat.

3. Durable and washable.

4. The fabric has good elasticity.

5. Three-dimensional cutting of the front file.

6. Fit your personality or preferenc