T-shirt design

- Dec 20, 2018-

T-shirt design must first master the basic process of T-shirt printing, but also to understand the producer's printing technology level and the use of T-shirt printing equipment. For example, color fabric T-shirts have always been printed with waterborne glue, but if the producer has mastered the production technology of thermosetting plastic ink printing and purchased the corresponding equipment (mainly t-shirt printing machine, infrared dryer, infrared t-shirt oven, etc.), he can use hot-solid ink on the color fabric t-shirt printing for processing. and the glue printing and thermosetting ink printing on the design of the pattern has different requirements, glue can only carry out a simple color block pattern printing, Gegume can be used to add network transition order printing, not only in the white T-shirt on the original color mesh printing, but also on the dark T-shirt on the spot color mesh printing. If the design design of the pattern is not consistent with the technical process mastered by the producer, then the printed pattern does not reach the designer's original intention and effect, or even can not be printing. Therefore, T-shirt designers must be the master of T-shirt printing process, especially the excellent T-shirt designers will be very concerned about the world's latest T-shirt printing and printing equipment development and technical characteristics, in order to use the latest scientific and technological achievements at the fastest speed to produce novel and chic T-shirts.