Sports underwear market: with tigers around, who can stand out?

- May 05, 2019-

Women's movement: big has big problems

    In recent years, with the improvement of living standard and the enhancement of fitness consciousness, more and more women are playing in gyms and sports fields.But the sporty woman has added another layer of worry that men don't have: how to soothe the wobbly white rabbits on their chests while doing vigorous exercise has long been a problem for women.The university of       Portsmouth study found that for every mile a woman runs, her chest swings up and down 135 metres.This means that for every mile you run, your chest skates about a third of the way across the field.Because female bosom does not have muscle, basically be to be made by adipose, mammary gland and connective tissue, violent swing can make ligament tissue grows for a long time take up, because this injury reachs the elastic fiber tissue inside the breast, bring about flabby prolapse to be out of shape.If the women had smaller breasts and did less vigorous exercise, the situation was fine.If the girl is a big chest, and do running ball games and other strenuous exercise, then feel bad.In a dream of red mansions, wang xifeng said that jia fu "has a big difficulty", which is also very fitting when applied to the chest feelings of women in sports.

    Because of this, sports underwear, which is dedicated to protecting women's breasts, has been favored by more and more women in recent years.Compared with Europe and the United States, the emergence of sports underwear in China is much later, but in recent years it has been rapidly popularized by geometric growth rate.According to statistics from the general administration of sport of China, more than 430 million Chinese took regular physical exercise in 2016, and it is expected to exceed 500 million in 2025.Among them, women will account for 40 percent of the population, with a total population of more than 200 million.According to global corporate growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan, China's sportswear industry generated rmb800m in 2014, compared with nearly $300m in the us over the same period.Given that China's population is more than six times the size of the United States, the potential for sports underwear in China is undoubtedly huge.Julia Liu, President of Yvette rifant, which specializes in women's sportswear design and production, once told reporters that Chinese women are still very backward in the concept of sports underwear.Of those who wore sports underwear, only half wore the right kind.Apparently, the bulk of China's sports underwear market is yet to come.Euromonitor international, a market research firm, forecasts that the sportswear market will grow by double-digit percentages annually and overtake the luxury market by 2020, with a total value of about 280.8 billion yuan.It is undoubtedly a fertile market yet to be exploited.

    From the age point of view, the 90, 00 after the new sports underwear is the mainstream consumer groups.Data show that this group makes up about half of all consumers.Meanwhile, new people are also the mainstream users of the Internet and social media.So it makes sense that Yvette rifant, a sportswear brand, USES the Internet and social media as a marketing battleground.

The cake is big, but the tigers are all over it

    While the potential and growth of China's sports underwear market is still huge, competition is fierce, and it's no exaggeration to describe the situation as "a big cake surrounded by tigers."What are these groups of tigers?

    At present, the women's sports underwear market is mainly dominated by European and American brands. Although domestic brands have a certain share, they can hardly compete with international giants.The European and American giants can be roughly divided into two categories. One is the traditional sportswear brands, such as Nike and Adidas, which used to be professional manufacturers of sports equipment, while the sports underwear is a product line derived later.Because of this background, most of their products have sports attributes, but few of their underwear attributes. Most of them choose different color combinations, and the psychological research on women's underwear wearing is not in place.The second category, by contrast, is a spin-off from the original lingerie manufacturers, such as aimo, wargol and Victoria's secret.Their strength lies in their understanding of women's breasts, but their grasp of sports is not enough.Love style a little more, but the strength of low strength, narrow;Victoria's secret has always been sexy, and sports bras are beautifully designed but less practical.So, these brands do athletic underwear, always give a person with "become a monk halfway" feeling.

    Yvette rifant, by contrast, which has emerged in recent years as a specialist in women's sports underwear, is showing promise.In the few years since it entered the Chinese market in 2014, more than one million consumers have become fans of Yvette rifant.That may not seem like a lot in absolute terms, but the data suggest that the average repurchase rate is as high as 40%.The high rate of head turning indicates that Yvette rifant has won the recognition of consumers, which means excellent quality and bright prospect.

Standing out from the crowd, Yvette rifant relied on her skills

    Of course, it's impossible to get a piece of the well-stocked athletic underwear market without a bit of polishing.For now, the industry's giants are rubbing their hands and pulling out all the tricks they can.Last April, Victoria's secret announced that it would cut its swimwear business and focus on sports bras, which are younger and more personal.Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce company, announced that it would sell its own brand of women's underwear on its us website.Nike, the authoritative sportswear brand, announced in February 2017 that it cooperated with li na, a famous Chinese tennis player, to launch a series of li na women's fitness sportswear, aiming to seize the domestic market with the popularity of tennis stars.

    In the face of the giants of the sharpening knife, as a rookie Yvette rifant also came up with skills.In terms of design, considering that Asian women have different bodies from those in Europe and America, Yvette rifant conforms to the Asian market and tailors sports underwear for Asian women.As a result of athletic underwear is right stick the requirement of spend taller, general brand has the size of 3 kinds of S, M and L only however, a lot of consumer reflect "fashionable uncomfortable, comfortable unfashionable, comfortable and fashionable do not fit again however".Yvette rifant has come up with a range of sizes, including 67 in one.This is like the exam results, they are all excellent, good, pass several grades, and Yvette rifant is given a specific score.Workload is a lot bigger, but the body with consumer and psychology fit spent to rise greatly however.

    As a new brand, Yvette rifant also invests a lot in marketing, and its marketing skills are quite unique.In 2017, Yvette rifant launched its marketing strategy by means of "we media" operation, event sponsorship, large-scale exhibition, running group sponsorship and sports group sponsorship.At present, the company has sponsored the Shanghai pudong international women's half marathon and women's pink boudoyne race, and has entered gyms and shopping malls in a planned way.On December 15, 2016, Yvette rifant unveiled the first offline experience store in nanjing deji square, which promotes online shopping and offline experience.In addition to the domestic market, Yvette rifant's international strategy is also being further improved. Born in Europe, Yvette rifant is also adept at making great achievements abroad.In 2017, the company has set up branches in Germany and Finland in the European market.In Asia, brands are also looking to expand into Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    As the saying goes: river and sea cross flow, just show the true colors of heroes.In the increasingly competitive sports underwear market, the industry is waiting to see who will be the next big man.