Men's underwear style introduction

- Apr 23, 2019-

    Men's underwear style introduction men's underwear and women's underwear there are a lot of styles, each man on the underwear style have their own preferences, know which boyfriend like is the first step in the selection.Men's underwear is generally divided into briefs, boxers, boxers and loose boxers.Of course, there are also some unusual styles, such as thongs, low-rise pants, tight stretch pants and so on.


    Triangle Underwears.It's the most common style, with high-waisted briefs and low-waisted briefs.It is a priority for people with thick legs, and can be modified for longer legs.Low-rise briefs are also the perfect way to accentuate the fishline and are sexier than high-rise briefs.


boxers .They are more comfortable than triangle underwear, though not for those with thick or skinny legs.But most men still prefer boxers.


Boxer briefs.Be called tight boxing boxers, it is the design that combined the advantage of briefs and short underpants, design is concise and marked, make the mark of sunshine boy.Wear lightweight or tight pants that leave no traces of underwear.


Skinny stretch panties.With the similar place of quadrangle tight pants, pant foot length reachs ham center, have the effect of bundle pants, be helpful for ham muscle is tight tight, model strong and handsome body shape.


T-back.Arguably the sexiest of all styles, thongs come in single and double sizes.There is only one line at the back of the crotch, and it's a little uncomfortable for people who are not used to it.