Men's underwear development

- Jun 20, 2019-

Briefs (polyamide)

    Prehistoric men used loincloths. Archaeologists have found fragments of a 7,000-year-old animal skin loincloths that are thought to be shaped like baby diapers.The ancient greeks also wore loincloths, which historians suspect were worn only by slaves, and which appeared naked beneath the citizens' tunic.The ancient Romans wanted variety. Some wore panties and some wore wraparound loincloths.

In the 13th century

    Braies appeared.Braies is Saxony for baggy underpants, knee-length, made of linen, with a rope around the waist that could be fastened, worn by everyone from Kings to peasants.By the Renaissance, panties became shorter and had a front cut, so men didn't have to take them off when they urinated.The ruffled front was either buttoned or tightened with string, becoming the prototype of modern men's trousers.At that time, men did not wear overalls. They wore tights over their panties and fastened them with garters, so Henry viii padded the crotch of his panties.Historians speculate that he may have hidden potion-soaked bandages in his pants to ease the pain of syphilis.Many men use the front of their panties as convenient pockets for STDS and money.

Tudor times

    Men's underwear became sedate and simple, reaching to the knees, buttoned to the front, and made of cotton and silk as well as linen.It evolved into a jumpsuit, which evolved into ankle-length tights.Nineteenth-century boxer John Sullivan loved to fight in tights, so they were called John.

In 1935,

     Jockey sold the world's first t-briefs with a y-stitch in the front in Chicago.Briefs, which limit the amount of space a man's legs can show, are considered by clothing historians to be about as significant as a bra.In three months, 30, 000 briefs were sold in the United States, and Jockey scrambled to produce a "macho" line that was flown to malls across the country.The competition between boxer shorts and briefs began, with both sides claiming they were healthier and more comfortable to wear.During this period, elastic bands were sewn on underwear, and the word "underwear" was added to the dictionary.

After world war ii

     Men's briefs come in colors and patterns, new fabrics like rayon, polyester and lycra add tightness and elasticity, and briefs are simpler.Skinny jeans were popular in Britain in the 1970s, with briefs trumping boxers.

In the 80 s

    Levi's jeans are the boxers.British model and pop star NickKamen starred in the brand's most famous AD for Levi's 501 jeans.At the laundromat, Nick sits in front of the washing machine in a pair of underwear.Incited women buy dozens of boxer briefs, as if their own men put on boxer briefs and become cute Nick.Emerging designers such as Paul Smith have also started to create boxer briefs, with rainbow stripes.Boxers, like Smith's jacket, became yuppie gear;And the man that wears briefs is mom's good son forever, look that has the briefs of Y line suture to resemble baby diaper more!The fashion of underwear, let men for the first time on the small clothes have the attitude of the trend.At first, men's underwear only highlighted the practicality and health of the publicity, the fashion industry and gay men gave the men's underwear market colorful, more than a thong, low-waist briefs and other controversial styles.

In the 90 s

     Kate moss and rock star march mark have teamed up for Calvin klein's critically panty campaign.Marchmark, shirtless, wrapped his arms around moss, who was wearing only his underwear, with the loose edges of his white underpants visible above the waistband of his jeans.In 2008, super short boxing tight underwear is the most popular, bjorn borg this underwear, pants legs only 25 cm long.

The 21st century

    In 1999, Mr. Kang jiaming, inventor of King style patent pouch underwear in Taiwan, was dissatisfied with the lack of improvement of traditional male underwear due to the long-term infertility caused by the factors of underwear, so he designed the ventilation and comfort of men's underwear based on the characteristics of men's physiological structure.The design of the underwear not only has the special scrotum bag, which makes the scrotum ventilated and breathable and keeps the scrotum dry at the same time, but also can avoid the scrotum and thigh friction and extrusion, its unique positioning of the penis up and down 2 basic styles.Place a man's scrotum in isolation from his penis. Erect penis can also be positioned. Three openings are not only airy and dry, but also super convenient for peeing.In the past, men's underwear only from the design of fabric design and ignore the physiological characteristics of men on the design may be said to be a breakthrough of innovation.