Men's Underwear categories

- Dec 20, 2018-

Panties-High waist panties and low waist panties. It is a priority for people with thick legs, and it can also modify the legs to be more slender.

Low waist panties high waist panties sexy. Bullet Pants-the name of the bullet pants originated from BVD, because the shape of the original BVD underwear packaging was designed into the shape of a bullet, into the male triangle underwear commonly known. The crotch of the bullet pants is more like the shape of a bullet, as the name suggests, the bullet pants.

The advantages of wearing leggings can highlight the physical strength of male genitalia. Four-horned trousers-people with too thick or too thin legs are not quite fit to wear.

But most people choose this type of underwear. Four Corners Tights-the advantages of triangular pants and short-legged underwear combined, the emergence of tight boxing four-horned pants, simple and eye-catching style, become a sign of sunshine Boy. Wear some thin or tight points, will let the trousers do not have the traces of underwear;