Market segmentation is the inevitable trend of the development of the underwear industry

- Apr 19, 2019-

    Market segmentation is the inevitable trend of the development of the underwear industry. At present, the annual sales of underwear in China is over 100 billion, and the annual growth rate is nearly 20%.The underwear industry has nearly 10,000 enterprises, mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and other industrial clusters, has become one of the fastest growing areas of the global underwear industry.The underwear industry is the garment industry's "last piece of cake" is not a false name.

    But it is well known that underwear tide rise and fall of the replacement is a very high frequency, color, design, fabrics, style changes with each passing day, infinite changes, in order to make underwear brand in-depth consumer groups, market segments is indispensable, type only pinpoint consumer groups, in order to better control product production and sales, to consumer preferences to determine the production, is the best way to solve inventory, profit.

    In the eyes of many traditional underwear people, underwear is nothing more than bra, pajamas, warm three.In fact, in the case of lingerie, you can subdivide it into n categories, which is an exaggeration, but not an exaggeration.In the field of women's underwear market, the working-age population is very large. According to relevant data, China's population structure is more than 650 million women.In terms of the age group of underwear wearing, girls between 10 and 15 years old have begun to wear underwear, and most of the elderly over 60 years old also need to wear underwear. Therefore, in the age stratification stage, the categories of underwear are also stratified, with different underwear corresponding to each age group.According to age level, can divide underwear into the functional underwear of girl underwear, mature woman and old people underwear, this is one of subdivision market.

    Therefore, market segmentation can start from the subject and object, the subject refers to the product, and the object refers to the consumer.Market segmentation, the use of object segmentation can be developed series of products to meet consumer demand.

    At present, in China's underwear market, relative to the female underwear market, men's underwear market is relatively slow, so few men's underwear sale store, men's underwear in the market place can be said to be affiliated, its market position is obviously, men usually put in men's clothing or underwear in small corner of the women's underwear, in addition, men's underwear is drab little unified change in style.Children underwear also is same, did not get the sufficient attention of underwear market.And subdivision of female underwear product is richer, besides functional underwear divisional besides, adjust underwear, model body underwear, athletic underwear, intelligence underwear for instance, still have the product that differentiates with age, identity, be like girl underwear, lactation underwear.Therefore, in order to position consumers more accurately, the target market segment is the trend of the future underwear market.

    The use of the main subdivision, that is, product subdivision, product categories can be distributed, such as underwear, pajamas, warm clothes, home wear...Sub-regional display, so convenient for consumers to buy.In addition to product segmentation by category or by function, for example, products with functions of adjustment, shaping, movement and intelligence can be classified and laid out. Consumers can locate specific products they want according to their own ideas, which greatly improves the purchase efficiency of consumers.

Consumers win the heart of the market, and the most important source of consumer support from the needs of businesses to meet.The differentiation of consumer demand, market segmentation is an inevitable trend.