Maintain a balance between safety and fashion

- Jul 02, 2019-

    Our company has always been committed to building itself into a professional underwear and home wear brand for children aged 0 to 14."We advocate the use of natural and comfortable texture and color, inspire children's infinite imagination.With the continuous segmentation of the children's underwear market, it has become the key for brands to launch unique tonal product styles to meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers.

    To this end, our brand style advantage on the basis of increased product comfort and safety investment.Cotton is a common material for children's intimate clothing, but ordinary craft cotton is added with silicone oil for soft feel.The silicone oil easily clogs pores, and reduces the breathability and water absorption of cotton products, which will disappear after multiple washing, and thus harden the cotton products.At the same time, we insist on not adding any obstacle to the comfort of the design, the use of high elastic no trace of arbitrary cutting and seam no bone sewing process, effectively reduce the friction between the underwear and the skin, for the baby to create a truly intimate, no pressure, no binding comfortable underwear.

    We are obsessed with the balance between safety and fashion, determined to be responsible for the children, the family and the environment, and abide by the "natural and comfortable, intimate and harmonious" life attitude, to provide the global babies with a safer and more comfortable personal health guard.