| live opening of China brand day 2019 textile and garment industry series of activities to create a new ecology of Chinese brands

- May 13, 2019-

    Since 2017, China has set May 10 as China brand day every year, and held the first China independent brand expo and China brand development international BBS in Shanghai in May 2018.

    On May 10, the 2019 China brands day campaign kicked off in Shanghai.Li keqiang, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and premier of the state council, made important comments on the event.According to the instructions, strengthening brand building and promoting the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries are important measures to follow consumption upgrading, release the huge potential of the domestic market and promote high-quality development.In recent years, the awareness of brand development in the whole society has been enhanced, and brand creation has become a conscious action of more and more market subjects.All localities and departments must adhere to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, earnestly implement the CPC central committee and the state council decision deployment, on deepening the reform of supply side structural and implement innovation-driven development strategy, through continuous advancing the reform of "pipes" strive to create a fair competition market environment, encourage the entrepreneurship, innovation level, guide the enterprises vigorously carry forward the professional spirit, the spirit, adhere to honesty, the pursuit of excellence, in fair competition in the market and consumers to choose its own brand in China, the emergence of more famous in the world to share in China and the world better products and services to China.

    State councilor wang yong attended the event and delivered a speech.To xi jinping, he insisted, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to carry out the prime minister li keqiang important instructions requirements, adhere to the supply side structural reform as the main line, the brand construction as to improve the supply structure, promote the enterprise of the mass transfer efficiency upgrade key way, strive to improve the quality of supply system, nurture more outstanding Chinese brands, to promote the quality and economic development to provide strong support.

    In order to show the new achievements and new outlook of China's textile and garment industry, lead the new consumption of contemporary fashion lifestyle, and create a new chapter and new era in the beautiful life of the Chinese people, on May 10, solstice 12, the China textile industry federation took the lead in planning and undertaking the series of activities of China's brand day textile and garment industry in 2019.

    The activities by the national development and reform commission, the central propaganda department, the ministry of industry and information technology, agricultural NongCunBu, ministry of commerce, state administration, the state intellectual property office of the national market, the Shanghai municipal government, organized by China textile industry association brand office, Chinese clothing association, China's home textiles industry association, China chemical fiber industry association, China textile construction in collaboration with the sarft.During the series of activities, China brand development international BBS textile and apparel industry is divided into BBS, independent brand consumer goods experience area and main experience activities in the textile and apparel industry, and three major sectors are staged at the same time.

    As an important part of the independent brand consumer goods experience zone for the China brand day event in 2019, in the 800 square meters of independent brand consumption experience zone for the textile and garment industry, the organizer takes the theme of "sharing the world with Chinese brands" and combines the new positioning of "technology, fashion and green" of the textile industry.Through the division of "youwei national brand, craftsmanship fashion, trend prophet", the organizer carefully selected a number of corresponding industry leading brands for display.During the activity, state councilor Mr. Wang with the national development and reform commission, the central propaganda department, the ministry of industry and agriculture NongCunBu supervision bureau, the ministry of commerce, the national market, intellectual property office and the Shanghai municipal people's government of seven departments to visit activity of Chinese textile clothing brand day characteristics, and accompanied by China's textile industry association vice-chairman Yang Zhaohua visit, the leaders are on Chinese textile and apparel brands with a compliment's achievements.

     On the first day of the exhibition, the innovative design style, rich display content, intimate service experience, interactive exchange and display, and immersive new atmosphere for viewing the exhibition not only attracted 19,769 visitors, but also attracted students and other network anchors in September, with more than 25 million hits on online live broadcast.In addition, China network, sina.com, huashu.com, huya live broadcast and other live media platforms have received more than 400,000 page views.

    On the first day of the afternoon, the taiping bird spring/summer 2019 fashion show is a show and buy it as soon as possible. "shape" -- biyin leffen spring/summer 2019 new product show, encounter fashion leader KOL web celebrity wear live show and other supporting characteristic activities are staged in turn, attracting a large number of media and audience attention and interaction.

In the exhibition area of "youwei brand", taiping bird brings the whole matrix brand. Through the interesting display of the intelligent hanging system, it focuses on the latest products of the five brands under its brand name.Five brands, different IP, diversified display of goods, with fu bag and other young forms of sales, by a large number of audience sought after.

     On the exhibition stand of bosideng, a down jacket expert with strong sense of science and technology, by combining the gore-tex fabric of "century cloth", quilting with up to 13 stitches per 3cm, and split filling of high-end down, Chinese consumers can not only enjoy the fashionable sense of domestic products, but also feel the scientific and technological power of domestic products challenging the extremely cold temperature of -30.

     The simple outline, jumping colors, love through the American graffiti culture master Keith harling's cross-home cooperation, make the whole booth seems to be full of vitality.In addition, through the continuous exploration and practice of new intelligent retail fields such as big data application, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, aimo provides consumers with more personalized new shopping experience and service.

     As a practitioner of the concept of "life golf", this time Biem. L.fdlkk Garment Co.,Ltd., through the display of life series, fashion series and golf series, fully meets the dressing needs of elite class in multiple scenes.

     In the exhibition area of "craftsmanship fashion", the interactive and participatory exhibition mode of China plant dyeing (grass and wood dyeing) industry alliance shows the historical charm of China's printing and dyeing technology and enhances the national self-confidence of Chinese traditional culture.As the promoter of natural lifestyle, golden harvest 99% shows the Oriental thought of "unity of man and nature" through the use of plant dyeing technology.Yantai yilin and meisen biotechnology, as members of the industrial alliance, have also demonstrated their achievements in technology transformation.Wanshili, on the other hand, shows how the quintessence of Chinese silk has gone through a "new silk road" of transformation and upgrading: "traditional silk + mobile Internet + cultural creativity + high-tech = classic silk industry".Pleasant home textile presents the concept of high-quality home textile, intelligent sleep and health care for the audience.Yongliang's towel products and tianyi's jacquard fabric also make Chinese consumers feel the quality and fashion of Chinese brands.

    In the "trend prophet" exhibition area, the release of China's fiber trend not only pioneered the trend of domestic raw materials research, but also pointed out the direction of the soft power of China's fiber enterprises.In addition, the achievements of fiber giants such as sheng hong, tangshan sanyou, kesai biology and jinjiang science and technology show the future development trend of China's fiber.

     Held on May 11th China international brand development points on the BBS BBS textile and garment industry, the organizers to set "technology crossover fashion, build green ecological" as the theme, through the "crossover interconnection pathfinding technology", "huai avant-garde fashion voice", "green fashion type enjoy natural" three issues of architecture, invite the industry leading brand share the cases, external power of China's fashion brand.More activities will be held during this period, such as instant show, brand flash show, fashion leader encounter, fashion wear live show, smart fitting, DIY dyeing, etc.