Integrate the power of science and technology, looking forward to the future trend

- Jul 05, 2019-

    It is not news to play fashion with science and technology as a gimmick, but it is not common to see science and technology into fashion. This show will show the collision and sublimation of artificial intelligence technology and professional fashion.

     The clothing fabric of this release show is cleverly supported by "artificial intelligence textile fabric design".Textile fabric design, artificial intelligence is based on the world's leading Microsoft emotional design framework of artificial intelligence, combined with computer vision recognition, natural language understanding, such as adversary to generate network technology, a large number of fast learning and absorbing the excellent works of art and design in human history, and combining with China textile information center/national textile product development center textile clothing fashion trend research results, by the spirit of the artificial intelligence and creation, to generate the mass manufacturing and consumption can satisfy the fashion industry chain of professional design work.This release in the show from Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd and Dali silk (zhejiang) Co., Ltd from the printed fabric can be intuitive show Textile fabric design of artificial intelligence of 2020/21 autumn and winter in China's Textile fabrics popular trend research leado originality, you ask, fashion creative design and artificial intelligence technology in the field of Textile and clothing can have what kind of "fusion"?China's autumn/winter 2020/21 textile fabric fashion show can give a wonderful and powerful answer.

    At that time, the fashion circle was still arguing about the next spring and summer, and the textile fabric industry had already looked at the fashion trend of autumn and winter 2020/21, and welcomed a brand new start as the time changed.