How to clean up underwear

- Aug 14, 2019-

    Underwear is our intimate clothing, is the most need to clean parts.However, how to wash underwear for our health protection role?Perhaps a lot of people think, use cleaner, wash, no dirt is OK.In fact, underwear, in addition to some secretion, and how many stains?Wash underwear, mainly to play a role in sterilization, so as to better protect your private parts.Below small make up should tell you underwear how to wash, wear ability health.

Save for a change every day

    Professional women work hard, heavy housework, in order to save time, many people buy a dozen of underwear, not enough time to wash every day, they save up, and wait for the weekend to wash together.'it's not a good idea. You change your underwear every day, but if you don't wash it, the secretions will continue to grow bacteria at room temperature, making it harder to clean.'Suggestion, underwear must do that day change that day wash.

Rub with soap for 3-5 minutes

    Some women wash underwear is often in a hurry to knead two, sometimes even soap do not play.Suggest, underpants still want to wash with soap, common two big bacterium of department of gynaecology -- mould and trichomonas can be killed by the alkaline environment of soap liquid.This can be done with plain soap, and there is no need to use a "underwear cleaner" specifically.For the time of scrubbing, it is better to knead carefully for 3-5 minutes after making a good soap, so as to make full contact with bacteria and soap.


    After rubbing, rinse thoroughly in running water and lather thoroughly.The vagina of the female is acidic environment, secretions also slurred acid, and soap is alkaline, when washing acid base contact to generate salt, if not washed clean in time, time long, underwear will be hard, not good for health.

Don't wash them with socks

    Some women habit will change every day of underwear, socks, autumn clothes mixed with washing machine, the suggestion, underwear should absolutely be washed alone.A variety of bacteria, including mold, can grow on your feet, and if you wash socks and underwear together, mold can get on your underwear.Also, the underwear of family members should be washed separately and not mixed together.

Inflammation period, underpants should use boiled water to iron

    Proposal, to suffer from mould or trichomonas sex vaginitis woman, should wear cotton qualitative underwear.After rinsing, place it in boiling water to scald, or boil it directly to get rid of germs.

Dry in the sun

    The air of underwear is basking in very key, experts emphasizes jointly, the underwear that washes clean must be basking in the air below the sun, ultraviolet ray can kill the bacterium above, very beneficial to health.If be basked in really, do not get the word of the sun, also must not be put in the air in damp toilet, should hang the ventilated place such as the balcony to dry naturally.