How to choose the small underwear version?

- Jun 13, 2019-

    The first step is to consider briefs and boxers.

    Briefs are snug, but the edges touch the bottom of the thigh, which can be uncomfortable.If you sweat more in summer, sweat and the friction around your pants are also prone to bacteria, making your baby grow prickly heat.

    Boxers loose design, not too much sense of restraint, more comfortable activities.However, if the thigh circumference is too small, the baby will wear tight uncomfortable;If the thigh circumference is too big, but not enough to fit.

    Therefore, it is best to consult the size of the trousers when buying, and compare it with the baby's body shape.Try to buy just the right fit, buy back to pull the waist of the rubber band, to ensure that the children wear not tight or loose.

   In addition, there are a lot of styling issues that moms might overlook: draping.

There should be 3D draping to cover the butt well.Such small underpants wear go up fluffy soft feeling, like French bread as lovely (every time I see warm wear small underpants want to pinch small PP).

    And for the boy baby's small underwear, in front of the best is also 3D stereo cutting yo.