how to choose children'underwear

- Jun 12, 2019-

1. Made of pure cotton

    It is made of 100% cotton. The moisture absorption and air permeability of pure cotton clothes are all good. The most important thing is that it can resist static electricity and won't absorb fine dust.But the disadvantages of cotton clothing are also obvious, such as poor elasticity, shrinkage and deformation after washing.

    So now many brands add 5% spandex, a material called lycra, to their fabric.

 2. Leica

    Add lycra this "magic fiber", small underwear will have better elasticity, can be easily stretched, rebound and more fit the baby's small butt, and after washing is not easy to shrink and deformation.

    At the same time, because the main component or cotton, so lycra fabric or retain pure cotton underwear moisture absorption gas, antistatic advantages.

 3. Modal

     Modell is a kind of artificial fiber which is made from wood pulp by special spinning process.Compared to the full range of fabrics, modell feels smoother, softer, more comfortable, and has moisture absorption and wrinkle resistance.

    However, modal is not so crisp, so the most common modal fabrics are a mixture of modal and other fibers (cotton and spandex).

    Lycra is more elastic than modell, but not as flexible as modell.Because this lycra is used at model body underwear, gymnastics to wear, swimsuit etc.And modal is a better choice than lycra because it's softer, breathable and snuggly.

4. Bamboo fiber

    Bamboo fiber is also a natural fiber, made of small underwear antibacterial, moisture absorption, sweat, breathable.But it's not very soft compared to pure cotton.

    After watching this, are mothers suffering from dyspraxia?

I think all kinds of material actually have their own advantages and disadvantages, as long as it is A big brand, safety standards can achieve A class, can choose according to their preferences.